Reignite The Lost Spark In Your Relationship With These Fun And Cheeky Games

A relationship is like a piece of steel. If magnetized, it can get pass every fight that comes its way and stay together, and if you demagnetize this same piece of metal, it will not be able to resist a feather collision and fall apart.

Just like two magnets, lovebirds work on the property of magnetism. Their main property is to attract each other and stay intact. However, at times rust and dirt make its way into their relationship and they no longer feel connected. And trust the laws of Mother Earth, it is very normal for every couple to feel the same. They blame each other, bicker on every call, and at times feel that they have lost the charm they earlier had. But hey! If there’s a moonrise, can a sunrise be far behind? Well, we mean if you feel like you guys are lost in dark shadows, fun games can bring back the light into your relationship and make the bond even stronger, just like you’ve always wanted.

A beautiful couple playing Chess

So, if you also feel that you need to reignite your relationship and bring back the lost charm, following fun games for couples can do the magic and take you both out of the slump.

1.Kiss Each Other’s Heart Off

You guys have gone to many candlelight dinners, gave each other countless mushy compliments, but do you that a kiss of love can bring you guys closer like never before. This fun game to play at home is about setting a timer, say like, 10 seconds, and the one who has more kiss count wins! Ladies, don’t forget to wear your red lipstick.

A handsome guy kissing on the forehead of his beautiful partner

2.The Naughty Dice Of Love

This is an ultimate teasing game. Roll a dice, and if you get an even number, you get to tease your partner with gestures and words, and if your partner is unable to resist the temptation and pounces on you, you win a point. Well, we can’t guarantee if this game would go much longer.

Boyfriend and girlfriend playing Dice

3.Beer Pong

You’ve got to be 18+ for this. One of the fun games to play, all you need to do is pick a ping pong ball and aim at each other’s cup. If it lands in the cup, the other one has to go for bottoms up! Yes, it is all about making each other tipsy and drunk in love.

A couple playing Beer Pong game

4.Paper, Lie, Truth

Take a piece of paper, list three unfamiliar things about you. It is entirely up to you if you wish to add a lie to it. Your partner has to do the guesswork and find out the lie in it. If he/she does on the first go, they get a point, and in return, you have to fulfill any of their wishes. Get, set, go!

A couple playing together Paper lie truth game

5.Never Have I Ever

There’s always a lot to know when it comes to your partner. The game rules are simple, both of you hold a drink and with every alternate question, like ‘Never Have I Ever lied to you’ you convey your yes with a sip! This icebreaker game can be termed under the new couple games too as if you’ve just started dating; it will help you get to know each other more.

A girl denying her partner

6.Head’s up

So, you guys have been seeing each other since a while now! It’s time to see who will fall in hot waters now. A fun game for couples to play, this one is like a game of dumb charades, your partner will hold the clue slate on his head, and you have to really connect the dots and make your partner guess it.

A couple playing Heads Up

7. 3 Minutes Of Heaven

Well, this fun-filled game is about turning up the heat and giving you a perfect reason to bond like never before. You guys have to sit together for this game. All you need to do is sit together and look into each other's eyes where one of you hides flower petals somewhere in your clothes and the other has to seach them as quicky as possible.

A couple playing 3 Minutes of Heaven game - A game in which you have to look into the eyes of your partner

No matter if you are young in love or are growing older together, these fun games are for every couple to play!  So, don’t overthink if you fought with your bae, call him over and fall back in love all over again.