Sentiment behind making "Manao Diyo se Roshan" Diwali

Whenever you hear the word Diwali, it touches some separate strings of your heart, the ones that are reserved for extremely intimate things. This festival speaks to you in more ways than one, a festival of happiness, togetherness, love, and just pure bliss, hence, it deserves to be celebrated with the people whom you love and cherish the most, no matter how near or far they are, that is our motive behind “Manao Diyo se Roshan Diwali” to bring your family and friends closer, irrespective of where they are.

Manao Diyo se Roshan

FlowerAura crew believes that the world is just a big extended family, so no matter how far your loved ones are, we bring them closer to you with our beautiful Diwali Giftsand surprises. Your dreams make you go far from home, but we at FlowerAura know, that home is not made up of things but people, so our team is here to make your loved ones feel at home, by delivering your love, wrapped up in our special Diwali boxes, right at their doorsteps.

“Manao Diyo se Roshan Diwali”

It's more than just an emotional collection, it is an environmental one! FlowerAura cares about all the families, including our natural one. With our “Manao Diyo se Roshan Diwali” campaign, we wish to send out the message of saying no crackers and celebrating Diwali in the old school way, By lighting up Diwali Candles and Diwali Diyas, sending sweets, chocolates, cakes and other Diwali Sweets and treats to the ones you love, spending time with your family, and decorating your homes with beautiful flowers and houseplants. Everything you will find on our fascinating online store is designed by our talented team keeping this particular message in mind, so that not just this festive season, but every Diwali is happy and full of Roshni.

This Diwali, FlowerAura motives you to celebrate Diwali with everyone, with the strangers who became friends, the family who is not with you, the special someone who matters a lot, those who helped you in the time of need, and those who help you every day, with FlowerAura, Manao Diyo se Roshan Diwali and light up everyone’s world!