What To Shop For Karwa Chauth Celebrations?

Every year, married women eagerly wait for the celebrations of Karwa Chauth and why they would not? It is one pious occasion dedicated to the bond of togetherness shared by a husband and wife. Moreover, it is another D-day, aka Doll up day for the pretty ladies, when they deck themselves from head to toe.

 Karwa Chauth Shopping List

Well, in the sheer excitement of Karwa Chauth, don’t forget to put all the essential things together. To save you from the hick-ups on the very day of Karwa Chauth, we have jotted down a Karwa Chauth gifts shopping list, take note!

1- Sargi Food Items:

The festival of Karwa Chauth symbolizes conjugal love. But, ‘sargi’ is an important ritual of this festival that represents the affection and blessings of a mother-in-law towards her daughter-in-law. It is a pre-dawn meal that married women consume before beginning with their, day-long fast. A sargi thali of auspicious and energizing food items helps a woman sustain the vrat with a smile. Here’s a list of food items you should have in your Sargi Thali:

  • Fresh Fruits: Fruits are rich in water and fiber content. As the Karwa Chauth fast is nirjala, eating fresh fruits helps keep the body hydrated throughout the day.
  • Dry Fruits: Energy giving and chock full of nutrients, dry fruits are an excellent choice to gain some delicious health, for the day.
  • Sweets: Sweets are sattvic in Indian culture. Possibly, there could be no better way to gain purity for the propitious Karwa Chauth. Also, sugar gives you vitality.
  • Seviyan: Delicious vermicelli or seviyan are relished as it is not too heavy to consume and yet gives you a fullness feeling.
Sargi Food Items

2- 16 Shringar Items:

To assist all the women to put their fashionable foot forward and to successfully sweep the hearts of their husbands once again that they are left with no choice but to flatter you with praises, here are the items you should not miss.

  • Multicolored Glass Bangles: Bangles aren't just a piece of jewelry but a sign of marital bliss and woman’s suhag. Bangles hold a revered place in Indian culture. Wearing glass bangles are seen as accessories of beauty, health, luck, and prosperity. For Karwa Chauth, get colorful and embellished bangles matching with your couture.
  • Bindi: A colored dot wore by a woman on her forehead-- bindi has tremendous significance in Indian culture and healing science. It is seen as an auspicious sign of marriage.
  • Sindoor: A red vermilion personifying the marital status of a woman. Sindoor marks the birth of the sacred life of a groom and bride. Bearing spiritual, astrological, and religious importance, sindoor is said to enhance the well being of a woman.
  • Additionally, include other makeup items like kajal, eye-liner, lipstick, and jewelry such as anklets, toe ring, mangal sutra, etc. to beautify your overall look.
16 Shringar Items

3- Karwa Chauth Pooja Items:

The spirit of Karwa Chauth lies in its beautiful tradition. Karwa Chauth pooja is the most important ritual of this festival. To be able to complete the pooja with all the vidhi-vidhan, you will need the following samagri-

  • Karwa Chauth Thali: The world of market and online gifting portals are flooded with decorated Karwa Chauth pooja thalis containing essential items like diya, karwa, kalash, incense sticks, roli, chawal, chandan, kalawa, etc.
  • Sieve: Women break their fast by viewing the moon and then face of their husband through the sieve. Therefore, it counts as an indispensable item of the shopping list.
  • Karwa Chauth Pooja Book: During the pooja, women listen to Karwa Chauth's story and rotate pooja thali in the clock-wise direction. For this purpose, you need the pooja book.
  • Miscellaneous Pooja Items: Karwa Chauth tradition and rituals vary across regions. Therefore, add the necessary pooja items as per your customs.
Karwa Chauth Pooja Items

Ladies, incorporate all these items in your shopping list and kickass your Karwa Chauth celebrations.