Trending Smash Cake Ideas in 2023

As your little one's first birthday approaches, you're likely brainstorming ideas for a celebratory cake. And while traditional birthday cakes are always a favourite, a new trend is taking the cake world by storm: the smash cake. This latest trend is all about creating an adorable, messy moment as your baby has their first encounter with cake. In this blog post, we'll explore the latest and greatest smash cake ideas for 2023 and why parents love this new trend.

smash cake ideas

What is a Smash Cake?

A smash cake is a small cake that is created especially for a baby's first birthday. The birthday smash cake is a fun and creative way to celebrate your little one's special day, allowing them to enjoy a cake that is specially made for them to smash and devour to their heart's content. The cake is usually made up of soft layers of sponge cake that are easy for little hands to grab and dig into. The cake is decorated with frosting, sprinkles, and other fun toppings, making it a colourful and playful addition to your child's first birthday party. Unlike a traditional cake, a smash cake is designed for your little one to dig into, creating a fun and memorable photoshoot.

Why Do Parents Love the Idea of a Smash Cake Photoshoot?

Smash cake photoshoots have become increasingly popular over the years and for good reason. Not only is it an excellent way to create some adorable and fun photos of your little one, but it is also a unique way to celebrate the child's first birthday. To make their child's first birthday celebration more memorable, parents often view it as a delightful opportunity for their little one to dive into and enjoy a fun-filled first birthday smash cake.

birthday smash cake

Smash cakes allow your child to explore new textures, tastes, and sensations, making them a great way to encourage sensory development. Parents love the idea of smash cakes because they are a fun and exciting way to capture memories that will last a lifetime.

Now let's dive into the latest trends in smash cakes, guaranteed to make your little one's first birthday extra special.

1. Rainbow Smash Cake

A colourful cake with multi-layered rainbow colours is perfect for a smash cake party. This 1st year birthday cake is the centrepiece of the celebration, symbolizing the end of a year filled with love, learning, and growth. The bright colours will bring a smile to your little one's face and create a stunning backdrop for photographs.

rainbow smash cake ideas

2. Doughnut Smash Cake

A perfect blend of cake and doughnuts, the doughnut cake is perfect for a first birthday. The doughnuts can be arranged in different patterns, creating a unique design for the smash cake.

doughnut birthday smash cake

3. Floral Smash Cake

A floral cake with fresh edible flowers and colours of your choice is a perfect addition to your little one's first birthday. A floral cake adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the smash cake photoshoot.

floral 1st birthday smash cake

4. Drip Smash Cake

A drip cake with colourful icing dripping down the side of the cake is an excellent option for a smash cake party. It is sure to create a mess and a lot of fun while eating.

drip first birthday smash cake

5. Animal Smash Cake

An animal-themed cake is perfect for a smash cake party. It incorporates cute animal shapes and designs into the cake. With animal smash cake, your child can celebrate their first birthday while surrounded by adorable elephants, giraffes, and other animals. An animal smash cake is a unique and playful way to add a touch of whimsy to your child's special day.

animal smash cake ideas

6. Cupcake Smash Cake

A perfect blend of cupcakes and a smash cake, the cupcake cake is an excellent option for a smash cake party. The cupcake smash cake, decorated with colourful sprinkles and topped with a mini bunting, makes for a perfect 1st birthday cake smash, bringing endless joy and memories to the little ones. The cupcakes can be arranged to form a beautiful cake, and the little one can enjoy smashing them one by one.

7. Watercolour Smash Cake

The watercolour smash cake trend has overtaken the world with its mesmerizing blend of colours and textures. A perfect canvas for artistic expression, the watercolour smash cake is a unique and creative way to celebrate your little one's first birthday. Whether it's a delicate blend of pastels or a bold explosion of colours, the watercolour smash cake is sure to leave a lasting impression on everyone.

watercolour 1st birthday cake smash

8. Garden Smash Cake

It is inspired by the beauty of nature and the magic of gardens, making it an excellent choice for a spring or summer celebration. The cake features gorgeous floral decorations and pastel colours, creating a whimsical and enchanting atmosphere that will make your child's special day even more memorable.

garden smash cake ideas 2023

9. Fruit Smash Cake

A fruit smash cake is a unique and refreshing take on the traditional smash cake. Made with fresh and juicy fruits like strawberries, kiwis, and oranges, it offers a healthy and delicious option for your little one's first birthday celebration. With a beautiful and colourful arrangement of fruit slices, it's also a feast for the eyes, adding a touch of elegance and vibrancy to the birthday party.

trending fruit smash cake ideas

10. Space Smash Cake

Let your little one explore the galaxy with a space-themed smash cake. Adorned with stars, planets, and rockets, this cake is sure to excite your little astronaut.

space birthday smash cake ideas in 2023

11. Coconut and Raspberry Smash Cake

The smashing coconut raspberry cake is one of the best healthy cakes that will make cherishable memories. Captivate your baby’s mood on his or her birthday with a luscious and well-decorated smashing coconut and raspberry cake. You can also have bananas, berries, and dates to replace the refined sugars and give the frosting a lip-smacking taste by adding vanilla to the coconut cream.

Coconut and raspberry smash cake

12. Cheese Smash Cake

Cheese is good for growth and development, so surprise your baby with a lip-smacking smashing cheesecake. You can opt to have bananas and applesauce replace the sugar. Also, add the healthy whole wheat flour with egg whites to make the cream cheese frosting and colourful sprinkles.

Cheese smash cake

13. 2 Tier Carrot and Date Cake

Surprise your baby with a two-tier carrot and date cake. So, for the cake smashing time, you can give him or her a layer of the cake to have fun with. Then you can share the other layer of the cake with the guests at the party. Also, carrot cakes infused with dates are super nutritious, not just for babies but for people of all ages.

2 tier carrot and date cake

14. Assorted Flavour Cake

As the baby is still young, we must avoid dangers like exposing them to foods that cause a health scare. So a cake with ingredient and flavour variations like vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate will replace ingredients like gluten, eggs, and nuts. Always contact your online cake shop before placing an order. They will help you find the perfect cake.

Assorted flavour cake

15. Chocolate Cake

Chocolate is an irresistible delicacy, and it is both healthy and delicious too! Surprise your baby with a sugar-free chocolate cake that has cream cheese, cocoa butter, and honey. You can also have the cake designed and decorated the way you want, like a chocolate photo cake.The best part is that most people tend to love chocolate cakes. So you will be making the guests happy as you make your baby happy with a delicious chocolate cake.

Chocolate cake

16. Vegan Birthday Cake

If you are a vegan family, then you must go with the exact vegan birthday cake. Make the first birthday party for your baby a memorable one with a heart-melting vegan cake. Go with all-natural ingredients like apple cider, almond milk, chocolate flavour, coconut oil, evaporated cane juice, and cocoa powder.

Vegan birthday cake

17. Fruit Tower Birthday Cake

Fruits are essential for growth and development, and they have a wealth of vitamins and minerals. Another great deal about it is that kids love them too! You can surprise your baby with a no-bake tower birthday cake that has all his or her favourite fruits.

Fruit tower birthday cake

18. Apple Spice Cake with maple

Win your baby’s heart for life with the luscious apple spice cake with maple. You can have the cake enriched with two cups of chopped apples and maple syrup, both natural sweeteners. It has cream cheese frosting that is coloured with strawberry and beats puree. The Apple spice cake with maple calls for fall vibes. So, babies born in October and November are simply born for this cake.

apple spice cake with maple

19. Cheerios Cake

Cheerios are one of the most popular cereals kids love. Surprise and delight your baby with a cheerios cake. You are spoilt of options like single layer, two or more tier cake, or other shapes and designs. All you have to do is find a form that your baby loves.

Cheerios cake

20. Balloon Birthday Party Cake

Kids love bright and colourful things, and what’s not to like about the happy and full of life and love balloons. Surprise your baby with a balloon birthday party cake. You can have the cake in a tiered form and presented it in a pop-up box with the real balloons.

Balloon birthday party cake

21. Boo Bear Cake

If your child is a fan of the boo bear cartoon, surprise him or her at his first birthday party with a smashing boo bear cake. And you do not have to worry about finding the right artificial food colouring as you have to make the cake as natural as possible. The cake will be baked to perfection using all-natural ingredients, including fresh fruits.

Boo bear cake

22. Princess Themed Cake

Let your little princess know how special she means to you, surprise her with a princess themed cake at her smashing birthday party. You can have the cake decorated with pink rose swirls and a crown personalised with her name.

Princess themed cake

23. Erupting Volcano Pound Cake

Cakes are the perfect delicacy to convey your feelings and emotions. Express your love and happiness to your bundle of joy with the expressful erupting volcano pound cake. You can surprise him or her with a chocolate cake decorated with multi-coloured lava dripping on the sides.

Erupting volcano pound cake

24. Mellow Mango Cake

If your baby is a fan of fresh mango fruit, then you can melt his or her heart with a smashing mellow mango cake. You can have the cake decorated with diced mango and encrusted with a yellow frosting with the mango flavour. You can also have the cake decorated with cherries and other fruits too!

Mellow mango cake

25. Mickey Mouse Cake

If your baby is a fan of the Mickey cartoon character, then this cake is the best option. Leave your baby ecstatic with the mickey mouse cake. You can also have the cake flavours, ingredients, and decorations personalised to your liking.

Mickey mouse cake

26. Barbie Cake

Give your future fashionista princess the inspiration and motivation to develop and nature the love of fashion with a Barbie cake. You can have the Barbie cake designed with creamy lip-smacking frosting that imitates your baby’s Barbie doll.

 Barbie cake

27. Unicorn Cake

As cakes are an essential part of every occasion, unicorns are also a standard part of kids fantasy stories. Pair the smashing cake with vibrant unicorn colours. You can have the cake decorated with edible multi-coloured cream & sprinkles, cherries, and written a happy birthday message.

Unicorn cake

28. Snowman Cake

Steal your baby’s heart with a snowman cake for a smashing birthday party. You can have this cake decorated with creamy white frosting, blue, black, and grey fondant to make the scarf, buttons, and hat.

Snowman cake

Smash Cakes have become a trending way to celebrate a first birthday in 2023. These cakes create cherished memories and add extra fun to the party. With so many designs and themes, a smash cake will surely make your little one's first birthday extra special. So, choose your favourite smash cake idea, and let the little one have a smashing time!

The cake mentioned above ideas will help you make the best first impressions. Also, check out other creative and artistic cake collections and make arrangements for online cake delivery anywhere in the country.