Special Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

With Mother's day fast approaching, you must be browsing various pages of the internet to find suitable and special mothers day gifts for your darling mum. If you are still a bit clueless about what to get for momma darling, here are some of the suggestions that we would make.

Special Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Quirky gifts to consider for Mother's day

Quirky gifts to consider for Mother's day

1. Get potted plants around the house, both real or artificial if she is a nature lover. Every mother who loves nature will adore this gift.

2. Take one of her photos she thinks she looks well on and have it blown up and framed.

3. Have your local radio station send a special Mother day message live on air. You can do this by calling them in advance and making the request.

4. Does she wear glasses? Designer frames are a unique gift? Or pay for contact lenses.

5. Is mom one for wearing a pinny? This can be a great mothers day gifts option. Buy a new apron with a special message embroidered on the front line "to the best cook and mom in the world" or "to the best mom in the world that is why I love her" or just simply "happy Mother's day".

6. Go to the local press and have a special tribute put in the paper for a much-loved mom.

Traditional gifts for Mother's day

Traditional gifts for Mother's day

If you still want traditional gifts like flowers, chocolates, or taking your mother out for dinner then, here are some of the options to consider in each of these categories:

Flowers: bring mom to a garden center and let her choose her own favourite flowers. Daffodils will always be part of mothers day, however, if mom prefers roses then she gets what she wants on the day

Chocolates: arrange for her to visit the local chocolate factory and allow her an allotted amount of spending money as a gift for Mother's day to buy as much chocolate she wants.

Want to make mom feel at home in her own home? Cook her a tasty and simple meal at home!

Simple Mother's day breakfast: Egg in a boat

Simple Mother's day breakfast

The egg in a boat is made with a slice of bread that has a hole in the center. It is then browned in a skillet with an egg dropped in the sliced hole.


1/2 tablespoon butter
1 slice white bread
1 egg

Cooking instructions

1. Butter both sides of bread.
2. Cut a round hole in the middle of the bread, about two and a half inches in diameter.
3. Heat a frying pan on medium-high heat. When hot, place the bread into the pan and let it brown for (60 seconds). Repeat the other side.
4. Crack the egg into the hole and cook until the egg is at the consistency you prefer.
5. Lay the tray it is served on accordingly (flowers and a small gift) to make it look pretty for the prettiest mom in the world.
6. You could organize a Mother's day party as a surprise and decorate the house, not only on the inside for the celebration but on the outside too, to let everyone in the neighborhood know just how much you love your mum!