Strawberry Banana Milkshake Cake Recipe -The Perfect Summer Dessert

The season of delicious fruits and cool clothes is at its peak, and we can not help but enjoy the summer vibes. Summer is the most awaited season of the year throughout the world for so many different reasons. Some like it for the lovely weather, some for vacations and some for fashion, but we love summer for the variety of juicy fruits! The season has every fruit that can tickle our taste buds, from lovely mangos to moist watermelon; this one season is truly the heaven of fruits. However, if there are two seasons that give us summer goals are tasty Strawberries and ripe Bananas; hence here we are providing you with an excellent way to combine the two in the most delicious summer dessert, aka strawberry banana milkshake cake.

Banana Milk Shake Recipe

Keep on reading our easy to follow the recipe and bake a scrumptious strawberry banana cake for yourself right away!

Prep Time: 1 Hour 30 Mins.

Baking Time: 30 Mins.

Total Time: 2 Hours

Servings: 6 Scrumptious Slices

First of all, Here are the necessary ingredients you need to follow this dainty strawberry- banana cake recipe:

• Three cups of cake flour

• Two teaspoons of vanilla extract

• One cup of buttermilk kept at room temperature

• 60 grams of sour cream, again kept at room temperature

• Three large separated egg whites; kept out of the refrigerator

• 3 whole eggs, kept at room temperature

• 73 grams of vegetable oil

• One packet of instant banana pudding

• 350 grams of proper granulated sugar

• One cup of unsalted butter melted at room temperature

• One tablespoon of baking soda

• One tiny teaspoon of salt

Next, for the whipped cream, you need:

• Two cups of lightly chilled unsalted butter

• 750 grams of powdered sugar

• 60 grams of heavy whipping cream

• Two full teaspoons of vanilla extract

Lastly, for the strawberry banana cake filling and garnishing, you would need;

• Half a cup of dried strawberries, preferably freeze-dried

• 100 grams of granulated sugar

• Two cups of heavy whipping cream

• Fresh banana slices

• Freshly cut strawberry slices

Now that you have everything ready let's dive straight into the moist banana cake recipe filled with yummy strawberries!

• First of all, as always, preheat your oven to 325 degrees Fahrenheit. Prepare three eight inches cake pans by greasing up the insides properly with parchment paper or vegetable oil. Next, take a medium-sized bowl, pour salt, flour and baking soda in it, mix it all together and set it aside.

• Now take butter, oil, pudding mix and sugar together in a bowl and start beating them together. You can do this manually, but we would suggest that you use an electric mixer; that would make the work easier. Then add egg whites and whole eggs, one at a time, into the mix. Then add sour cream and keep beating until you achieve a fluffy consistency.

• Now take the flour mixture and add one-third of the flour mixture into the batter, and now start beating at low speed again. Follow it by half of the buttermilk and then again one-third of the flour mixture, all this while simultaneously beating the batter at low speed. Lastly, add the other half of the buttermilk and remaining flour mixture to the batter while beating. Lastly, add vanilla extract to the mix and keep on beating until it seems necessary.

• Now take the prepared pans, evenly distribute the batter in them and bake the cake for about 23 to 28 minutes. To check if it is done or not, just poke the cake with a toothpick, and if it comes out clean, you are good to go! Now keep the keep aside to cool down a bit and start preparing the frosting.

• Cream the butter for about two minutes just to soften it up a little. Next, add sugar into the butter, one cup of sugar at a time, and keep beating it on low speed.

• Then at the same speed, add whipping cream, salt and vanilla extract into the cream mix. Now for five minutes, beat the mixture at medium speed to make it lighter. Finally, take a wooden spoon and mix it lightly with your hand to get rid of all the air bubbles.

• Now to make the fillings, take dried strawberries and grind them until you get a smooth powder. Then add cream and sugar to the powder and mix well until you get the consistency of yoghurt. Your filling is ready but keep it chilled until you are ready to use.

• Now assemble the cake by slicing it up into two equal slices, spread the filling and frosting between the slices and outside of the cake properly. Lastly, garnish the cake with fresh banana and strawberry slices, and your cake is ready to win hearts!