5 Summer Vegetables to Grow at Your Garden

Summer is a delight for many vegetables. You can produce the summer season vegetables in your garden and can consume them directly. This is known as one of the healthiest ways to live. If you think of growing summer fruits and vegetables, let us tell you it is most cost-effective and not much time-consuming. You can reap the benefits of summer in the most gratifying way. You must be thinking about how you can produce vegetables and which vegetables to grow in summer. It might look like a stimulating task, but there are various summer vegetables to grow. Summer gardening needs some tips and tricks to beat the heat and to keep summer garden plants flourishing. These summer vegetables will adorn your garden, and also, they will help you to be engaged in spreading positive vibes with good summer food.
Now, to adorn your summer fruits and vegetables in your garden, you would need plants. As in many parts of the country, lockdown is imposed; it would be better to get online plant delivery at your home. Summer season vegetables are a good addition to your backyard or kitchen garden. So, if you are thinking of getting some good vegetables to grow in summer, then let us help you do so. Scroll down and see yourself the best five summer vegetables to grow in your garden area.

5 Summer Vegetables to Grow at Your Garden

1. Tomato

Tomato is one of the vegetables that grow in various sizes and has different varieties that can be grown in the garden as well as in the pot. Rich in Vitamin C and A, plant seedlings anytime in the winter, and you will have the result by the arrival of summer. Tomato is one of the best summer vegetables to grow in your kitchen or the garden. Well, mellow tomatoes that are yellow in colour is the best pick for sensitive stomachs. Cherry tomatoes are small in size and do not survive easily. Also, if you want ripe green tomatoes, place them ripe bananas in a paper bag, and it’s done.


2. Eggplant

Another summer season vegetable to adorn your kitchen as well as your garden. Plant the seedlings in warm sunlight where the eggplant would flourish. Wait for 12 weeks and see the eggplants that you can cook with anything. The eggplants help in better brain function and are rich in Vitamin K and folate. Also, this summer season vegetables are rich in manganese and nasunin. This summer delight needs to be kept away from snails. Else, you might end up losing a delicious eggplant.


3. Pumpkin

Pumpkin might look like a winter food but grow the seeds directly in your garden in summers and experience the great taste of pumpkin in autumn. When you look for summer fruits and vegetables to grow in the garden, pumpkin is the first name to pop up. Pumpkin makes an excellent choice for pregnant women as it is rich in Vitamin C, A and E, and folate and iron. If you have a large garden, then different varieties of pumpkin are a good summer vegetable to grow. Else if you have a small garden, then Golden Nugget is the perfect choice for it.


4. Chilli

Without chilli, no food is complete, especially in India, where spices are the most prominent thing in any meal. Chilli is one of those spices that gives a spicy, tangy flavour to the food. Green chilli is rich in Vitamin B6, A, potassium, iron and copper. There are varieties of chilli that grows in summer. The ones that grow in winter are delicate and are prone to diseases. So, if you want to grow chilli, you need not look for much space. It can be harvested between 2 to 2.5 months and needs to be placed 30-45 m apart from any plant.


5. Cucumber

Another summer fruit and vegetable that is loved by people in summers and is said to fulfil water space in the body. Cucumber consists mainly of water, so it is considered a great diet in summer. It can survive in full sun and is a vine that grows on trails saving space. For connective tissue, it contains silica, and for healthy bones, it has a good amount of calcium and phosphorus. Well, cucumber salad is most loved. By the way, you can use cucumber slices to heal sunburn, tired eyes and swelling.


Well, with these summer season vegetables, we hope you would be able to embellish your garden beautifully. Make these summer vegetables to grow a part of your garden and enjoy this season with home-produced hand-picked summer fruits and vegetables.