12 Surprise Gift Ideas For Women's Day in 2023

Of all the occasions you give a gift to the lovely dames in your life, one is Women’s Day. A day that gives all of us an opportunity to adore what we hold close to our hearts and cherish every moment of our life-- the women. You could say words of appreciation in their honour, but a better way known to mankind for making someone feel good about themselves is gifting.

Surprise gift ideas for women's day

Here are women’s day gift ideas that would give you the kickstart and help you shop the best one for her.


I will start with flowers. Flowers are tender, beautiful, and fragrant much like the women in your life. There are so many similarities that can be drawn between a woman and a flower; hence flowers are the ideal women’s day gift. A blooming bunch will make her day beautiful as she is inside out. A Women’s Day greeting with flowers would do wonders.

Flowers Surprise gift ideas for women's day


Every woman needs a bag. Some use it as a style accessory while others for carrying their world with them. Whether she is a homemaker or a full-time working professional; she will need a bag by her side. So, a handbag, saddlebag, clutch, tote bag or any other variety will be ideal for her.

Bag Surprise gift ideas for women's day


A timeless accessory for a classy woman. It’s one accessory that completes and amplifies the look without grabbing a lot of attention. A branded watch should be preferred by you as it comes in with a warranty and stylish designs.

Watch Surprise gift ideas for women's day

Potted Plants

If there is a gift that will best complement her nurturing soul, it's a potted plant. A green beauty sitting at her desk in the office or beautifying her living space will provide indescribable solace and content to her heart. A plant will also bless her with benefits that can’t be put into words but only experienced with time. A tucked plant should be considered as women's day gift ideas in office and otherwise.

Potted Plants Surprise gift ideas for women's day


Your Women’s Day surprise will lack the sweet hints and touches without a cake. Whatever you have planned for your lady love, make sure you add to it a special cake for Womens Day to make your celebrations complete and sweetly.

Cake Surprise gift ideas for women's day

Gift Box

A gift box replete with goodies and tokens; all that she likes and is useful for her is a good gift choice for her. Pick a gift box that has items like a coffee mug, lip balm, designer bangle, handmade soap, and message card. You can choose an indulgent gift box with a bar of chocolate, herbal tea, forever rose, and a message card.

Gift Box Surprise gift ideas for women's day

Combo Gift

The more, the merrier! Make your woman dance in happiness as you surprise her with a combo of gifts. You can couple a cake with a bouquet or a combination of cake, flowers, and greeting cards-- the ultimate gift choice. Choose the cake and flowers of her choice.

Combo Gift Surprise gift ideas for women's day

Handmade Gifts

Handmade gifts don't have to be handmade by you only. You can buy handmade gifts online to convey the feelings as beautifully as you wish to. Go with personalised handmade gifts like an explosion box, scrapbook, photo albums and many other varieties.

Handmade Surprise gift ideas for women's day


Gifting jewellery to a woman is always the right choice because she loves to get dolled up for you. Any piece of jewellery like a bracelet, earrings, or necklace can be gifted by you to her. To make your gift heart-pleasing; go with personalised jewellery.

Jewellery Surprise gift ideas for women's day


Let her style do the talking. Subtle yet long-lasting perfumes to make her feel and smell good all day long. Wearing a signature perfume will give her confidence that every woman wishes to evince.

Perfumes Surprise gift ideas for women's day


Women Empowerment T-shirt embodying the spirit and values she feels and believes in. She will love to receive such an empowering token and it is an all-time effective gift for her. Get ready to watch her slay the world in this t-shirt.

T-Shirt Surprise gift ideas for women's day

Digital Gifts

Strum the right chords of her heart or watch her do the happy dance by gifting a digital gift of a caricature, poster, greeting card or singer-on-call. Digital gifts are perfect for wishing the woman from a distance beautifully.

Digital Surprise gift ideas for women's day

Hopeful these gift ideas for women's day celebration would be appreciated by the receiver.