Surprise your Mom With These ‘ Breakfasts in Bed’ Ideas

Subah ki chai and nashta!! You get it every morning made by your mom and you still complain. This Mother’s Day, treat your mom with her favourite dish before she wakes up (Of course you have to wake up early after all it's Mother's Day!).

Surprise your Mom With These Breakfasts in Bed Ideas

And in case you are already thinking about some easy-peasy and real quick recipes for breakfast, don’t worry, we got it ready right here for you!!

Momy Fruity Tacos

Make tacos in a fruity way! Use chocolate pancakes as your taco shells and fill them with Mom’s favourite fruits, diced to a manageable size. You can sweeten the meal with a dollop of whipped cream.

Momy fruity tacos

Motherly Pancakes

Pancakes are love!! Even your mom can’t say no to it. Easy to make and they won’t take much of your time. You can write a heartfelt poem or quote on the top with her favorite flavor syrup or a simple smiley would work. All that matters to her is that it was cooked by you.

Motherly pancakes

Mom-approved Glazed Blueberry Rolls

You can prep these rolls the night before your big Mother's Day breakfast surprise so that you just have to bake them in the morning. Quite a nice idea to make her feel special with her breakfast in bed.

Mom approved glazed blueberry rolls

Maa Wala Lemon-Blueberry Cake

Ahh! Who on earth can refuse a luscious cake? This Mother’s Day either order Mothers day special cake or bake one at home and surprise her at 12 in the midnight wishing her a Happy Mother’s Day.

 Maa wala lemon-blueberry cake

Mom Love Cinnamon Buns

Yes, cinnamon buns take a little while to make, but how impressed will your mum be when you present her with homemade cinnamon buns and fill the house with delicious aroma on Mother's Day? You can make it look more appealing with a personalised note on the side.

Mom love cinnamon buns

Mom’s Blend Smoothie

This would be the easiest Mother's Day breakfast idea, made using ready-made smoothie mix that you can top with colourful ingredients. This tropical smoothie bowl is really easy to prepare and made with healthy fruits and vegetables.

Use mint leaves and coconut shavings to garnish or mix and match with different toppings.

Moms blend smoothie

Mum Cinnamon Chips and Salsa

Mom can scoop up this fruity mix with cinnamon-sugar topped tortilla wedges. To make cinnamon chips, sprinkle cinnamon sugar on a buttered tortilla, cut it into pieces and then crisp them up in the oven on a cookie sheet. To make the fruit salsa, dice up your Mom's favourite fruits, then sprinkle a little sugar on top and stir well.

Mum cinnamon chips and salsa

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Mommy Strawberry Corn Cakes

Give store-bought corn muffin mix a major upgrade: add lemon zest and vanilla to the batter, and stuff the muffins with strawberries for an easy-to-make breakfast, brunch or dessert treat.

Mommy strawberry corn cakes

Not Mom Style Omelette

Whisk an egg and a little water in the mug and add salt, pepper and a little shredded cheese. Mix all together and follow the same steps on how you make normal omelette. In less than 2 minutes, you’ll be ready to serve your mom with breakfast!

Not mom style omelette

Mom’s Healthy Peanut Butter and Bacon Scones

Last but can’t be ignored!! Make your mother feel special and loved by making her a healthy breakfast. Combine two favorites into one (Peanut and Bacon)! The sweet nutty butter and smoky, savory bacon give classic scones a special twist.

Moms healthy peanut butter and bacon scones

So, these were some easy Mothers Day breakfast ideas to surprise your mom. Serve one of these Mother's Day breakfast recipes on a tray with a pot of your mum's favourite tea or coffee and a vase of flowers for a really thoughtful breakfast in bed.