7 Sweets that you Can Send Along with Rakhi

India is a land, where festivities and yummy sweet delights go side by side. One such festivity is Raksha Bandhan! Celebrated across India with happiness, this festival is known to strengthen the bond of brothers and sisters. Years after years, you have rejoiced this festivity with your brother. But unlike other years, this time your brother cannot come home for Rakhi celebrations. Or maybe you are away from home and due to something urgent, you cannot visit him! Well, what so ever is the reason that is keeping you two apart, but does not let that affect the Rakhi celebrations.

Sweets that you Can Send Along with Rakhi

And Rakhi is not only about tying a thread on your brother’s wrist and getting back a shagun in return. The real essence of Raksha Bandhan is in the puja thali that a sister decorates, it is in the sweets she offers her brother, and lastly, it is in that nok-jhok which goes around the house all the time. Let us all look at some options that include Rakhi with sweets online, which you can consider-

1.Rakhi with Kaju Katli

Kaju Katli is a traditional Indian sweet that is loved a lot. This sweet is dry in texture, and thus, it is quite easy to get it parcelled at your brother’s doorstep. A lot of online portals are providing a great variety of Rakhi with Kaju Katli combos, choose as per your liking and send it directly to your brother.

Rakhi with Kaju Katli

2.Rakhi with Dry Fruits

Some people like to munch all day long. And if your brother is someone who also likes to do so, then a pack of dry-fruits would be the best for him, as Rakhi sweet this year. Send your brother Rakhi accompanied by some healthy and nutritious dry-fruits. Such combos are easily available online, choose the one that has your brother’s favourite dry-fruits.

Rakhi with Dry Fruits

3.Rakhi with Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamuns are that Indian sweet, that compliments every occasion and not just Raksha Bandhan. This sweet holds with itself a lot of nostalgic memories from every phase of your life. And one of the most memorable ones was when your brother used to steal away your piece of Gulab Jamun. So this time, let your brother enjoy a whole tin of Gulab Jamun and send him Rakhi with Gulab Jamun tin (500 gm or 1 kg).

Rakhi with Gulab Jamun

4.Rakhi with Soan Papdi

Soan Papdi is the national sweet dish of India. And rarely any festive celebration is left, when Soan Papdi is excluded from the celebrations. This sweet dish is very less in sweetness, and that is why it has become the go-to sweet dish on every occasion. Pamper your brother with a Rakhi along with Soan Papdi on the side.

Rakhi with Soan Papdi

5.Rakhi with Rasgulla

Rasgulla or Roshogolla (as pronounced by Bengalis) is a Bengali dish. Rasgulla is made with a piece of white paneer, soaked in sugar syrup, with a water-like consistency. In other words, Rasgullas can be considered as the Bengali-version of Gulab Jamuns. So if your brother too liked this Bengali sweet, send him Rakhi with Rasgulla, straightaway.

Rakhi with Rasgulla

6.Rakhi with Chocolates

Chocolate is a universally loved food. And remember while you two (your brother and you) lived together, the chocolate that you kept secretly in the refrigerator, went missing by the morning! Your brother would proudly announce this to make you go mad. So, this time you treat your brother with some chocolates, voluntarily and give him a chance to giggle.

Rakhi with Chocolates

7.Rakhi with Milk Cake

A milky sweet dish, with the hues of white to brown. Milk cake goes well on the occasion of Rakhi. Any dish that is dry and non-sticky is the best pick for a festive celebration. So a pack of Milk Cake with a designer rakhi for your brother will do the job for Raksha Bandhan.

Rakhi with Milk Cake

All these sweet dishes date back from the time; we came into our senses. Adding any of these in your rakhi parcel for your brother will surely make the celebrations grand. Surprise your brother with any of these sweets besides the Rakhi you send him.