#Hyderabad Diaries - The Flower Market of The City of Pearls

Remember those days, when Amma and Badi Amma used to doll themselves up with a mogra or jasmine gajra when going for a function? Our memories of seeing the women of our lives getting ready by tucking a rose stick in a hair bun seem to be somewhat extinct, these days. Indeed, nostalgia hits us hard, thinking about these memories, it has somewhere been lost amidst the rush and roar of a city like Hyderabad. But, as what goes around, comes around in a new form (in this case)! The floral gajras now seemed to have been replaced with floral jewellery, worn beautifully by brides and bridesmaids at their D-Day. While earlier, only the wedding hall or venue used to be decorated beautifully with aromatic and appealing blooms, floral jewellery are trending because of setting the colourful, happy vibes throughout the wedding festivities, be it, on the day of Mehendi or Haldi.

the flower market of the city hyderabad

The locals of Hyderabad are referred to as Tamilians. And, Tamil weddings are one hell of a function. You absolutely need to witness the experience, once in your lifetime to witness how beautifully age-old traditions have been given a modern touch and have been made a lavish affair. Kalyanam (as a Tamil wedding is referred) requires lots of colourful blooms to mark this special day. And Hyderabad flower market has got lots to offer in this sense. Due to modernisation, there might have been a variety of flower delivery website, that have been opened but dealing with local flower vendors and negotiating the prices a bit gives us Indians breathe a sigh of relief. Because let’s just faced it, weddings involve a lot of money, so doing cost-cutting by negotiating the price on some relevant things always helps. Right? Moreover, getting flowers freshly delivered straight from the garden is something which makes any special event, even more special. So, let’s discuss the flower market in Hyderabad that adds its floral vibrancy with its pleasant aroma and bewitching appeal. You can consider this to be your ultimate floral guide across any event, be it happy or sad or be it, for sending across culture, creed, and gender, because flowers don’t discriminate and the epitome of versatility and purity.

traditions of hyderabad wedding with flowers

Gudimalkapur Market

While waltzing in the City of Nawabs, one shall find a hidden gem in the form of this flower market in Hyderabad. Gudimalkapur market is everyone’s ultimate one-stop destination for every type of flowers, greens and floral accessories one can ever imagine. Also, every flower is made available at a wholesale price, which makes it pretty affordable to be purchased in abundance or single pieces. When the festive season of Ugadi or the wedding season is here, prices seemed to get hiked due to a rise in demand. But a little negotiation can always result in the good. In the year 2009, the Jambagh flower market or Moazzam Jahi market was shifted along with this Guidimalkapur market.

gudimalkapur market

Best Time To Visit - Between 5:00 am to 10:00 am

Blooms Sourced From - Chennai, Cochin, Kolkata, Bangalore and sometimes even Maharashtra

How To Reach - Take a cab or you can take a bus to reach easily to this market.

But if you feel like not wasting any efforts or time, roaming around the market then you can absolutely choose your online flower portal which provides flower delivery in Hyderabad and across all other major Indian cities. But, visiting the local and the biggest flower market in Hyderabad is like an absolute treat.