Things To Know Before Buying A Wedding Anniversary Cake

A wedding anniversary is the most important and special occasion in your life. You try to make it grander for your spouse by giving her a unique and thoughtful gift that she cherishes throughout a lifetime. Anniversary calls for a celebration as it makes you remember the day you probably want to embrace and make your better half feel special.

Your wedding was not just a day when you tied the knot with your spouse, but it also binds you with some beautiful relationships that you cannot ignore now. Your anniversary gifts must be decided by now as you know what your lifetime lover likes but you must be confused regarding wedding anniversary cakes.

things to know before buying a anniversary cake

You both might like different flavours, but to make it grander, you would not just decide the flavours but also the design you want. You might search for wedding anniversary cake ideas in local stores but fails to find something unique and special that depicts your love for another person. Now you are left with some trustable online portals that deliver amazing anniversary cakes online. Not only this, there are many factors you need to consider before buying your wedding anniversary cake. Therefore, we are here to help you out.

Scroll down to know the things you need to consider before buying your wedding anniversary cake and understand how every factor impacts your choice and resists you from making your special day grandeur.

1. Decide The Design And Flavours

The crucial thing which you decide on your wedding anniversary is the design and flavour of the cake. Your flavours may differ, but you need to come to a conclusion where you can get a single taste decided. See whether you want a photo anniversary cake or a theme cake depicting your love. Before ordering, choose how different you want your cake to be. Not your guests, but decide what you as a couple would like to have on that cake.

2. Fix A Budget

Fixing a budget for a cake is essential. See, you can spend as much as you want but if you can get different designer cakes at reasonable prices then why not go for it. If your budget is two thousand rupees and if you can get your work done in fifteen hundred, then what’s better. Therefore, always set a budget for all such things so that you don’t need to spend extra and explore more and lovely bakeries that help you to get the right cake under the budget decided.

3. Decide On Layer Or Tier

Layers of the cake don’t mean the tier. A 2-tier or 3-tier cake means the different cakes put on each other, ensuring the larger one covering the bottom and the smaller one kept on the top, whereas a layer cake decides the layers you want in a cake. You can wish to get 6 layers of cake that means you are considering a single cake having buttercream applied on 6 layers inside a cake with outer covering remains the same. You can see layers only when the cake is cut, unlike tier cakes. So, wisely decide which cake you want for your wedding anniversary.

4. Look For the Right Place To Buy Your Perfect Cake

Whether the cake you are thinking of buying is available offline or not is a significant factor to consider. Not every bakery can give you the kind of cake you want. You need to search for the proper bakery that will deliver on time and would provide exactly what you asked for. So deciding on a bakery is very important.

5. Decide the Quantity

How many guests are going to attend your wedding anniversary party, or whether you are just keeping it a minimal house party where you do not need a big fat cake for the celebration. You wouldn’t like to waste the cake you ordered with all your heart. Before you decide the quantity, just determine the number of people you would like to see.

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6. Menu and Venue

Decide on the menu and venue of your celebration. The cake you are about to order should be connected to the location you would celebrate your event. The colour theme, the menu decided, the desserts, everything would impact the quantity and the look of the cake. If it is a posh hotel or a beachside celebration, or a plushy garden, everything makes your cake look different from what you have thought of. So decide on it before ordering the desirable cake.

7. Final Thoughts

Your wedding anniversary cake should be peculiar. If you are throwing a big bash, then your guests should get the wow factor that makes your ‘the day’ memorable. You as a couple would have crossed just a year, but you should celebrate the likes and dislikes, the way you accepted each other through the excellent cake, and that’s how all would remember your wedding anniversary. We hope the factors mentioned above help you to get the right cake for your spouse and guests. Keep enjoying it!