Things you Should know to Start Indoor Gardening

People say charity begins at home. And that is why we are here advising you to start planting, from your arena as we all know that green plants are the need of the hour. We need more and more green plants around us, not just for ourselves, but for the generations to come. To give them a secure, safe, healthy, and lush green future, we need to take steps, now!

Though many of us already have a house garden and other of us are planning to make one. But, while doing so, we often neglect specific facts and steps that need to be followed while planting. To help you with the same, we are here to assist you with a thriving house garden. Here we present you seven steps, to keep up the green plant’s charm up and alive-

Things Must Know to Start Indoor Gardening

1. Adequate Watering

Almost every one of us has tried indoor gardening plants, and have failed to it a lot of times. But not to go through the same situation now and then, we advise you to water the plants, with an adequate amount. Not more, not less, just the right amount. Like, Tulsi plant grows best when the top inch or so of soil is allowed to dry out between watering.

Adequate Watering in Plants

2. Fertilizer Intact

During winters especially, the growth of a plant is a bit dormant, and while keeping this fact in mind, we would advise you not to fertilize them as much as you are informed in summers. And while you do so, we promise they would act as the best oxygen producing indoor plants. Like, for Peace Lily plant any good quality, water-soluble houseplant fertilizer is fine.

Fertilizer Intact for Plants

3. Sunlight and Cleaning

We all know, plants need sunlight to be alive, to have their food. And mind you, plants would get the right amount of sun, when their upper surface is clean and tidy, i.e., no contact with dust. So, keep a check on these two, at the same time and witness, your oxygen giving indoor plants blooming. Like, Money plant prefers bright, indirect light and moderate-to-high humidity.

Sunlight and Cleaning Need in Plants

4. Humidity

Well, to keep your plants humid during summers, the best way is to fill the plant saucer, in which you have kept your plant pot with pebbles and rocks and then fill it up with water. This trick would keep your plant’s roots, in touch with water, for a longer time, than usual. Like lucky bamboo thrives on high humidity above 50%.

Humidity Need in Plants

5. Spring Ready

As soon as you near the spring season, where days would be longer than that in winters, it is advised to keep a check on water and fertilizing needs of your plants. Once you start doing that; you would witness an excellent and speedy growth of plants.

Spring Ready Plants Need

6. Pruning Time

Winters also leads to over-growing of your houseplants and to keep it in manner, it is advised to prune your house plant before you prepare it for springs. The old and unnecessary growth of root needs to be cut so that the plant looks all sleek and clean.

Pruning Time For Plants

7. Soil Refreshment

Yes, to have the best indoor plants for oxygen, we all need to keep a check on the soil of the plant. After you are done with pruning, do not forget to refresh the soil with more nutrients to keep it a happy place for the plant roots to grow in.

Soil Refreshment for Plants

All these steps seem very necessary for a successful and greenhouse garden, You miss one level, and all your time and hard work that you put in gardening would go in waste. So, please adhere to this blog, and we promise you a lush green garden.