Are Your Hydrangeas Not Blooming? Try These Tips To Get More Blooms

Many people around the world who love gardening and have hydrangeas in their backyard face a problem of Hydrangeas not blooming. Hydrangeas are easy-to-love, and they attract a lot of eyes because of their beauty, but for some people, growing hydrangeas have become a bit of a hard task, and they still don't get the desired results.

Well, there could be a lot of reasons for hydrangeas, not blooming.

So, let's find out the reasons for not blooming and tips to get more blooms.

Tips to Make Hydrangeas Bloom

Why Hydrangeas Don't Flower?

Apart from having less knowledge about gardening, the reasons that hydrangeas don't blooms could be:

● Incorrect Pruning
● Bud Damage
● Location of the hydrangea
● Bad weather conditions
● Lack Of Fertilizers
● Too Many Fertilizers
● Watering Issues
● Bad Soil

Tips To Get More Blooms At Your Hydrangea

● In order to get more blooms, you need to give the hydrangea that amount of sun which it can tolerate. Most of the species do not like the full or heavy shade of the sun. In cooler regions and in winters, hydrangeas can tolerate full day sun.
● Watering is another important aspect. Provide 1 inch of water to hydrangea once a week in winter and twice a week in winter. Before watering the hydrangea during winter and fall, let the soil dry till the depth of 2 inches.
● Apply a layer of mulch on the soil around the stem as mulch helps conserve moisture, and it keeps the roots cool.
● Hydrangeas begin producing foliage in the early spring, and that's the right time to feed them fertilizers. The best fertilizer for hydrangeas is a balanced slow-release fertilizer.
● Pruning is also an important part of getting more blooms on the hydrangeas. Prune hydrangeas that bloom on current year's wood in early spring before the shrub produces new growth. Pruning back hydrangeas to 2" to 3" can produce more blooms.
● Taking out the deadheads is also something that one shouldn't miss if he/she doesn't want to question why Hydrangeas don't flower.

You must also keep a close eye on your hydrangeas during the blooming season in order to get more blooms. Care for them like your child, and you will see the blooming smile.

You can also use artificial plants alongside hydrangeas to make your backyard look more beautiful.