Top 10 Benefits of Healthy, Well Maintained Indoor for You and Your Family

Unlike the other years, this year we have spent the majority of our days inside the homes. The “new normal” will continue even in the year 2021. As more and more time is spent indoors, it is imperative that the surroundings are healthier to breathe and live in. If you are also of the opinion that indoors are clean and purified, they are not. They are as polluted as the outer environments or maybe even more. With the growing research and awareness, people are becoming more conscious about having salubrious homes, and for that, they are nurturing indoor plants. Lucky Bamboo, Peace Lily, Sansevieria, Spider, English Ivy, Aloe Vera, Aglaonema are some of the house plants. These are known to purify the indoor air from plague such as carbon dioxide, formaldehyde, benzene, Ammonia, Xylene, Trichloroethylene. Additionally, having greenery at home is a way to embrace nature and other advantages that it brings along.

Top 10 Benefits of Healthy, Well Maintained Indoor

Sharing with you all some of the benefits of having a healthy, well-maintained and green spaces:

1. Fresh Air

First and foremost benefit of having plants at home is you breathe fresh air. Your room, kitchen, and living rooms contain toxins emitted from kitchen chimneys, carpets, paints, varnishes, and many other synthetic materials. NASA-recommended air-purifying plants are potent in eliminating these from the atmosphere to a certain degree. When you inhale oxygenated air, you take a step towards keeping you and your family away from respiratory problems.

2. Salubrious Mental Health

Mental health issues are on the rise because of the increasing stress levels. As it is work from home for most of you, we can truly understand the boredom levels and high pressure. Nature is therapeutic for stress. A plant blooming on your work desk can keep your stress levels in control. The soothing scents of the flowering plants can also instantly calm the brain.

3. Better Concentration and Focus

Poor concentration and focus are quite common because we all live in noisy environments. Decorate your spaces with cushions and drapes as they help combat noise pollution. Then, have some plants sitting in your room as they help increase concentration levels.

4. Boost in work Productivity

Several pieces of research have shown that plants help increase both productivity and creativity. If you want to have your creative juices flowing and excel at work, consider plants as decor items. Then, Lucky Bamboo, the money plant, and other Feng Shui plants are great to have in workspaces for prosperity and fortune.

5. Humidity

Plants also help maintain the desired humidity levels inside the homes. Low humidity levels are a cause of ailments, and you and your loved ones are bound to suffer.

6. Embrace Happy Vibes

Take a stroll in the garden, and you will feel innately happy. That's the same impact of plants placed inside the home. Clean, spacious, and surroundings with plants make you feel cheerful all the time. Plants will also make your home a welcoming place for your dear ones.

7. Promotes Mindfulness

There is something zen about potted plants. Forces you to be in the present moment and not being anxious about 5 million things-- Mary Marcella. Mindfulness is the need of the hour because tensions have taken a permanent place. When you are mindful, you see the world from a better and positive perspective. Also, mindful people are more joyful and optimistic in nature.

8. Overall Well-Being

When you breathe fresh air and are mentally healthy; even your body feels robust. Because there is a connection between mind and body, that’s because you have plants around you. Overall wellbeing is the greatest advantage of having plants.

9. Reminds you to keep Moving

When you take care of your plants like pruning, watering as per their different needs and watching them thrive under all conditions. You develop the feelings of resilient, perseverance and blooming in all spheres of life.

10. Goodness

Adore goodness in all forms by nourishing green plants at home. Keep your spaces clean and tidy and make them synonymous with an abode that is peaceful and relaxing.

Hope these advantages inspire you to have flourishing homes decked with greenery.