Top 10 Delicious and Pocket-Friendly Theme Cakes For Birthdays

Cakes can make us happy in an instance. Be it an anniversary celebration or a birthday party cakes never fail to amaze you be it their amazing design or awesome flavors. Today there are a wide variety of cakes available in the market. You can choose from a wide range of designer cakes, photo cakes, theme cakes or even simple flavored cakes. Have you ever been to a birthday party and noticed beautiful cakes kept on the centre table which either has the shape of a minion or a car, depending on the person whos birthday is being celebrated? Well, those are exactly theme cakes. In beautiful designs and shapes built around a particular theme be it super heroes, cartoons or games is what exactly a theme cake is.

 Theme Cakes For Birthdays

Here are some of the most delicious cakes that even look beautiful on the outside and are absolutely pocket-friendly. Read on to find more about each one of them.

1. Spiderman Cake:

Perfect for celebrating your son’s birthday, Spiderman cakes are a trendy option when it comes to choosing a decadent cake for a celebration.

 Spiderman theme Cake

The beautiful fondant colors and amazing look of the cake will get your children excited for who does not love spiderman. The cake comes in various designs and shapes and you can go for a photo cake or a fondant cake.

Price: INR 999 onwards

Quantity: 0.5 kg

2. Barbie Cake:

Is your daughter’s or little sister’s birthday just round the corner? If yes, bring this beautiful cake to the party and let everyone adore its beauty. Made using different colors and flavors, a barbie cake is not only a treat to look at but also one of the most delicious cakes to enjoy in a birthday party.

 Barbie Cake

The cake usually comes in a quantity of 3 to 4 kg and also has a choice of flavors and you can also go for barbie photo cakes.

Price: INR 949 onwards

Quantity: 0.5 kg

3. Car Cake:

Cars are a fantasy of every boy and ordering a car cake for their birthday will surely get them all excited and pumped up. You can design a car cake as per your own choice of colors, flavors and shapes and it is truly a sight to look at. Cake cakes can be made out of fondant cream or usual whipped cream and the beautiful finishing is what makes them look so appealing.

car cake

Price: INR 2799 onwards

Quantity: 2 kg

4. Chota Bheem Cake:

Be it a girl or a boy, kids love Chota Bheem and will surely love the cake as much as the cartoon. Chota Bheem cakes are one of the most trending theme cakes that you can arrange for your kid’s birthday.

 Chota Bheem Cake

Chota Bheem cakes stand out in any party for the vibrant colors used at the appealing look that it has that attracts children for sure.

Price: INR 999 onwards

Quantity: 0.5 kg

5. Mickey Mouse Cake:

Loved by all, mickey mouse cakes are filled with colors and look amazingly beautiful and are perfect for your children’s birthday party. The many colors will surely excite the kids at its first look.

 Mickey Mouse Cake

There are a wide range of options available in mickey mouse cakes that you can choose from, including mickey mouse face, or the home of mickey mouse and even minnie mouse options are available.

Price: INR 999 onwards

Quantity: 0.5 kg

6. Minion Cake:

One of the most adorable things in the animation world are minions and who would mind a big minion cake on their birthday be it kids or adults. The bright yellow cake with blue touches and big bold eyes are not only a visual treat but also taste extremely amazing.

 Minion Cake

Minion cakes are available in various shapes and sizes, and you also have the option to order minion poster cakes that are budget-friendly.

Price: INR 999 onwards

Quantity: 0.5 kg

7. Princess Cake:

Wish to make your girl feel like a princess on her birthday? Then apply the theme to her birthday cake as well and arrange for a princess themed birthday cake.

 Princess Cake

You can customise the color, shape and quantity of the cake and go for beautiful gowns for your princess cakes. Since these cakes are huge they usually come in 2 to 3 kgs.

Price: IN 3299 onwards

Quantity: 2 kg

8. Pubg Cake:

Is your guy crazy for Pubg? If yes, why not design his cake around the popular Pubg game. Usually available in poster cakes, Pubg cakes can also be customised into fondant cakes.

 Pubg Cake

Pubg cakes are perfect to surprise your brother, boyfriend, friend or even child on his birthday.

Price: INR 999 onwards

Quantity: 0.5 kg

9. Ben 10 Cake:

Almost every boy is a Ben10 fan and if your kid also loves Ben10, we are sure that he will love his Ben10 birthday cake. In beautiful shades of white, green and black, these cakes are a true delight for kids.

 Ben 10 Cake

You can get these cakes made in fondant cream or go for more simpler ones like poster cakes.

Price: INR 999 onwards

Quantity: 0.5 kg

10. Batman Cake:

A superhero loved by all, Batman cakes can make your kids jump with joy and excitement on their birthday. With fondant options available, a batman cake adds all the missing elements into the party.

 Batman Cake

Price: INR 999 onwards

Quantity: 0.5 kg

All these amazing themed birthday cakes online will surely amaze your loved ones and leave a mark in the occasion with their beautiful design and colorful appearance.