Top 10 Most Popular Flowers

Flowers are the magic that God has performed to make this planet look beautiful and to give it a touch of heaven. With vibrant colours and lots of different shapes, there are different types of flowers in the world. And one may never be able to see all the different flowers in a single life term. But, what you can do is to witness the beauty of the most popular flowers and also to have them in your garden till you are alive.

Just like many other things, humans' eyes get attracted towards some flowers more than others, and that's what makes those flowers the most popular flowers. It is the beauty of flowers that people use them as a token of love and as a present when visiting someone who is feeling unwell. From expressing feelings to bringing positivity in life, flowers can do a whole lot of wonders. This is the reason why we decided to surprise you with the list of popular flowers of not just this season, but all seasons.

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Most Popular Flowers

We know you are here because you adore flowers so without an extra glitch in time, here are the top 10 popular flowers

1 Rose

In the list of top 10 flowers, roses have got to be on top for obvious reasons. They have such an international appeal to them. So, no doubt that roses are amongst the most popular flowers. They are available in different colours. A red rose flower is most commonly used to denote love and romance.


2. Tulip

Tulips are large and distinctive flowers that were initially cultivated by the Turks. The Tulip flower is considered the symbol of the Ottoman Empire by Europeans. Tulips might not be commonly mentioned amongst the popular types of flowers but it doesn't change a thing about how beautiful and delightful they are.


3. Sunflower

Sunflower is one of the popular flower names, as it is easy to grow and is also used for human consumption on a considerable level. It symbolizes loyalty as it always keeps its face towards the Sun. If someone asks you "What is the most popular flower", we are more than sure you wouldn't waste a minute before saying sunflower or roses, depending on your mood.


4. Daffodil

A representative of regard and respect, Daffodils are native to Asia, North America, and Europe. And there are about more than a hundred species of Daffodils.


5. Marigold

Marigold is one of the flower types, famous for its thick and lush foliage, and its beauty and name led it amongst our list of most popular flowers. Marigold also has spiritual significance!


6. Daisy

Daisy is easily found around the planet, and people also call it the cousin of the sunflower. Their beauty makes them a favourite pick as a home garden flower. Daisies make for the most popular garden flowers because they are so pleasant to look at.



The orchid belongs to a huge family of flowers and has blooms that are colourful and fragrant. These flowers are known to symbolize large families, particularly families with many children. Orchids have got their name reserved amongst the most popular flowers in the world. So, it goes without saying that they are very commonly used on all sorts of occasions. Send orchids online to express your love and loyalty.


8. Carnations

Carnations are the most popular flowers and also the most commonly used flower for bouquets. And they are most used for Mother's Day celebrations!


9. Gerberas

Gerbera generates its beauty from a wide capitulum with outstanding two-lipped ray florets. It symbolizes innocence and purity.


10. Jasmine

Apart from being one of the most popular flowers, Jasmine is a national flower of Indonesia. The scent of jasmine is highly used in deodorants and soaps around the world. When kids are taught about the popular flower names they learn about jasmine alongside roses. This speaks volumes about the craze of jasmine flowers.


While we can debate on famous flowers all we want secretly we all know that all flowers are beautiful in their own way, just like us humans. See you on the other side of the flowers!!

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