Top 10 Most Selling Flower Bouquets in India

There's nothing better than flowers to express your emotions for your special ones. Flowers are a significant part of the culture of human beings and their association with behaviour and expressing what's in their mind is unprecedented. Friendship, hatred, acceptance, apologies, loneliness all are viable to be shown with bouquets of flowers and it is right to know what flowers say in the best manner to say only the right things. The human race is practically humbled by what flowers are doing for them, making life much easier. They converse on our behalf to reduce the effort of coming out with the best thoughts. With the right combination of best selling flower bouquets and the right words to speak your mind or rather your heart, you will be all set on your path with your special one. All of it with 10 best selling flowers and you will be the irresistible person, hard to disagree with. On that note let's note down your top choices.

Top 10 Most Selling Flower Bouquets in India

1. Rose

Red roses, the magical emblems of love are a known entity for everyone. They make people skip a heartbeat especially when they come in abundant bouquets of flowers with 100 and 1000 roses. Yellow roses for friendship, white for peace are also your go-to choices that can be easily found with any online platform.

2. Gerbera

The symbolic flowers resembling innocence, purity and beauty in every petal are amongst the best selling flowers bouquets in India due to their ready availability and also extreme importance while sending a message.

3. Tulip

True love, as the name also suggests, is the right meaning of a tulip flower. All colours but mostly red is the chosen one when you try to express your emotions to a loved one with a slight individuality. If roses are for everyone, and you are always out of the box tulips are your choice.


4. Daisies

Daisies lead to a different tangent, certainly unimaginable for many. They stand for motherhood, love, purity, innocence, fertility and things associated with these emotions. Anciently they were given to parents who had given birth to a child.

5. Orchids

Luxury, beauty and strength all seem to signify the same meaning especially when you are conveying it all through bouquets of flowers. While orchids most popularly are the right choice when you want to amplify someone's importance in your life.


6. Carnation

Socialism sounds like a large term when its meaning can be as fine as extending a hand of friendship. These are your flowers when you want to express your admiration towards a person and there is nothing wrong with spreading love in the most amplified manner possible.

7. Jasmin

Jasmine flowers come with a culture or history quite varied from other flower types. Its romantic flowers bloom primarily at night associating its meaning with sensuality, modesty, love and purity all at once. When your heart is in a spot like this, these are the flowers to go for.


8. Lilies

Love for God is the most powerful one you can experience and it takes an enriching journey to really achieve it with time. Good luck, blessings, devotion are also feelings lilies can rightly convey for you and can be the right choice of bouquets of flowers if you are wanting to gift someone on their marriage.

9. Gladiolus

When your heart is in the right place and you are willing to be a trustworthy shoulder of support to someone, this is how you can express your emotions. These flowers stand for integrity, faithfulness, and strong moral values. You can gift these best flower bouquets to someone when you are ready to be their person.


10. Tuberose

These flowers have meaning greatly beyond love and friendship, they have the strength to fight spirits that aren't there for the most faithful reasons. This is why these are your flowers if you wish to give these to a bride. Bridal bouquets are primarily made with these flowers and with all the best wishes.