Top 10 New Home Gift Ideas For Friend

Is your friend located in a new home or are they very happy as they bought their first house? If yes then the moving process can be an overwhelming one. As you all know how tedious the whole process gets, you must make them feel a bit relaxed and cheerful through an admirable housewarming gift. So, if you are looking for nice new home gifts for your friend, just read this blog and find out the most trendy and thoughtful ones. They will indeed appreciate your excellent gift choice.

New Home Gift Ideas For Friend

1. Scented Candles

Warm up your friend’s new home with all the positivity and sweet fragrance as you give them a box of assorted candles. What could be a better housewarming gift than this particular one? There are so many fragrances such as lavender, wood and much more.

Scented Candles for New Home

2. Elegant Tray Set

Gift something useful yet classy. Consider giving your friend a classy tray set so that they can use it to welcome guests to their new home. Pick any exclusive design and style to make your gift an out of the box one.

Elegant Tray Set for New Home

3. Personalized Mugs

Personalised mugs are known to be one of the most adored and prevailing home gifts. Choose from an array of varieties and styles. Get the mugs personalised with photos or short messages. You can also consider gifting a set of two mugs to spruce up your friend’s new space.

Personalized Mugs

4. Wall Clock

A wall clock is hands down one of the most useful gifts for a new home. Give your friend a classy wall clock, you can also go for a personalised one. A personalised photo clock will indeed make your gift a unique and special one.

Wall Clock

5. LED Lamps

Glitter up your friend’s new home as you startle them with a stylish and premium LED lamp. He/she can place that anywhere like the living room or bedroom. This is one of the trendy housewarming gifts nowadays.

LED Lamps

6. Cushions

Gift a blend of style and comfort as you convey your best wishes to your friend on shifting to a new home. Get your hands on beautiful and stylish cushions. If you wish to make your gift more heartfelt, just go for personalised cushions as they will indeed catch everyone’s attention.


7. Indoor Plants

Think of a gift that not only styles up a home but also sends pleasing positive vibes. Yes, consider gifting an indoor plant like Peace Lily Plant, Syngonium Plant, Money Plant, Lucky Bamboo Plant and many more.

Indoor Plants

8. God Idols

Giving someone god idols as a housewarming gift is surely a serene one. You can extend your warm wishes to your friends by giving promising god idols like Lord Shiva and Lord Ganesha. This is undoubtedly a majestic gift for an occasion like housewarming.

God Idols

9. Wooden Key Holder

Convey your love and warm wishes with thoughtful gifts like key holders. You can buy a wooden key holder with a personalised theme. Help them keep it all organised when it comes to keys for car, bike and home.

Wooden Key Holder

10. Photo Frames

Help your friend enhance the decor of his/her home as you give them stylish photo frames. You can buy premium quality photo frames in different styles and designs. Spruce up their walls with beautiful photos.

Photo Frames

So, these are the most thoughtful housewarming gifts for friends. Pick any of the gifts mentioned above and make it a special celebration for them.