Top 10 Simple Birthday Cake Design For Boys

One line that bakeries and people around the world have made sure to be known as a ‘universal fact’ is that “a birthday celebration is incomplete without a cake’’. And if you believe it then we can bet that you do keep looking for ideas for birthday cake designs.

Well, we know a lot about cakes and the things that people search for related to cakes. ‘Simple birthday cake’ and ‘simple birthday cake design’ are the terms that people search for a lot. We have gathered cake designs for your help. Whether you are a novice baker or just looking for a simple birthday cake design to get it prepared from an experienced, you can select one from the images that you are about to see.

Top 10 Simple Birthday Cake Design For Boys

1. Birthday Cream Cake

To make a cake look beautiful, you don’t need advanced baking tools or many different decoratives; all you need is creativity. Grind big cherries in a mixer and use the little pieces to decorate the side of a simple white cream cake. Put candles on the top edge in a circle and write happy birthday using red whipped cream cake.

Birthday Cream Cake For Boys

2. Caramel Bliss Birthday Cake

We know that you are looking for a simple birthday cake design because you don’t want to spend more time decorating yet you want to prepare a cake that can attract eyes. You don’t even have to layer the whipped cream in a flawless motion and all you need to do to decorate the cake is liquid caramel. Let your hands move freely and create an abstract design.

Caramel Bliss Birthday Cake For Boys

3. Drip N Swirl Chocolicious Birthday Cake

Chocolate cakes have always been the favourite of many. Cover the chocolate cake batter with a layer of parallel choco cream on top and with choco mud on the side. Create choc swirls on the top outer edge using a frosting nozzle and decorate the swirls by scattering colourful sprinkles. Use whipped white cream to write Happy Birthday as colour white highlights on the dark shade.

Drip N Swirl Chocolicious Birthday Cake For Boys

4. Snowlicious Bday Cake

The term ‘simple birthday cake’ surely makes an image of a white cream cake in mind. And thus, the snowlicious bday cake is the one which is simply white. But a little use of red, green, and sky blue whipped creams make the cake look decently gorgeous. Create three balloons and some dots on top and write down ‘Happy Birthday’ with whichever coloured-cream you want.

Snowlicious Bday Cake For Boys

5. Superman Shield Birthday Cake

Superman is surely one of the most loved superhero characters among boys. So, how about bringing the favorite character to the birthday cake design? Prepare whipped cream in three different colours; blue, red, and yellow. Bake the batter perfectly and create the simple birthday cake design the way shown in the picture using a frosting nozzle.

Superman Shield Birthday Cake For Boys

6. Web-Slinger Birthday Cake

Another superhero character that is very famous among boys is Spiderman. From costumes to games, everything sells if it is inspired by Spiderman. For this simple cake design, you need to prepare whipped cream in red, black, and white colour. Show some dexterity with your hands and decorate the cake as shown in the picture to surprise the birthday boy.

Web-Slinger Birthday Cake For Boys

7. Silky Smooth Kitkat Birthday Cake

Here, we only want you to see the design and not the flavour of this simple birthday cake design. After baking a cake and covering it with the whipped cream of whatever flavour you want, make half holes on it using the backside of a spoon. Bring in the KitKat chocolate bars, crush them into pieces and scatter over the cake abstractly. Place two or three Kitkat chocolate sticks on top without breaking them.

Silky Smooth Kitkat Birthday Cake For Boys

8. Yummy Chocolicious Bday Cake

For this simple birthday cake design, we recommend you select only the chocolate flavour. Keep the colour of the whipped cream light brown as it is the main highlight of the design. Scatter some colourful sprinkles on top and write ‘Happy Birthday’ the cream of light green colour. You can cover the whole top of the cake with sprinkles if you want.

Yummy Chocolicious Bday Cake For Boys

9. Yummy Creamy Birthday Cake

The reason why we have included this cake is the unique colour combination. You may hardly come across a cake of such a colour combination in your life. We aren’t sure what the main colour is called but you can try to match with the image while preparing the cream. Make a design using yellow whipped cream like the one in the picture or put your creativity to the work.

Yummy Creamy Birthday Cake For Boys

10. Enchanting Oreo Birthday Cake

Again, you can choose any flavour for this simple birthday cake design, because the highlight is everyone’s favourite ‘OREO’. Cut the Oreo cookies in half with all your attention. Place the half pieces on top forming a circle. Now put an unbroken and uncut oreo cookie in the center. You can also try to stick oreo cookies on the side of the cake.

Enchanting Oreo Birthday Cake For Boys

Remember, a simple birthday cake for boys can be creative too!