Top 10 Trending Gifts For Dad

We are pretty sure you might have heard of the saying, “a father is neither an anchor to hold us back nor a sail to take us there but a guiding light whose love shows us the way”, and we couldn’t possibly agree more. From being our guide, advisor, confidante to real-life superhero, our dads are one such blessing, for which we can’t be grateful enough. So with or without any special occasion coming around, each of these gifts for dad is sure to bring a sweet smile on his face; when gifted and let him know how special you feel about having him as your dad. So without much ado, let’s have a look at this list of trending gifts for dad.

Top 10 Trending Gifts For Dad

1. Grooming Kit

Grooming as a habit has been emphasised for people of all age groups and gender quite a lot these days. Your dad would be too into grooming himself not to look good every time but to feel good from within. There are much grooming sets mad available by various beauty brands online as well as offline - you can make your pick accordingly.

Grooming Kit for Dad

2. Tea/ Coffee Hamper

If your dad can’t just start his mornings without a nice cup of tea or coffee, then what would make a perfect gift for him than a tea/coffee hamper. There are many tea brands which offer subscription facility over their various assortment of tea/coffee hampers - you can gift your dad for one such subscription.

Tea Coffee Hamper for Dad

3. Houseplant

Every dad loves to nurture some plants and get their hands dirtied while gardening, which is why some blissful houseplants can surely cheer them up. There are many houseplants like peace lily plant, lucky bamboo plant, money plant and much more which would make a perfect token of your unconditional love and care for him. Additionally, you can get the plant pot personalised to make your gifting gesture even more special.

Houseplant Gift for Dad

4. Personalised Bar Accessories

One of the most trending personalised gifts for him would be personalised bar accessories. Every dad loves to occasionally drink and to say cheers to the celebrations, which is why it makes perfect sense to gift him some personalised bar accessories like some personalised whiskey glasses, beer mugs, decanter set, etc. On the other hand, it even makes a great addition to the home bar.

Personalised Bar Accessories for Dad

5. Bluetooth Speakers

Who doesn’t love to listen to music? Well, your dad surely does! Gift him nice Bluetooth speakers to let him enjoy some me-time over some chilling music. It’s time to replace his gramophone, stereo or radio for all the good reasons with a nice Bluetooth speaker that he can simply connect the Bluetooth speakers to any device and tap his feet to any kind of music.

Bluetooth Speakers for Him

6. Sneakers

For every stylish dad, sneakers seem to be a great choice of gift. It’s comfy, it’s cool, and hence your dad is bound to love you for gifting him. We would personally suggest you gift him something versatile like a white pair of sneakers so that they can be easily paired up with a semi-corporate as well as a casual look.

Sneakers for Dad

7. Assortment of Cookbooks

It turns out millennial dad is trending because of their interesting habit of cooking. If you have to have one such dad, then an assortment of cookbooks from some celebrity chefs all around the world seems like a great choice of gift. Let him know you very much appreciate his habit of cooking some nice meals for you.

Assortment of Cookbooks for Him

8. Cakes and chocolates

Every dad is a sweet tooth - no one ever denied that! That is the reason why some sweet sugary cakes and chocolates seem always to make way to their hearts. You can choose to bake the cake out of your love or can purchase it from some bakery. Similarly, you can do the same in the case of chocolates.

Cakes and chocolates for Dad

9. Subscription Of Online Streaming Platform

Looking at the current scenario, one can choose to make a cinema hall like setting in their home, as they choose to treat their movie buff dad with an online streaming platform subscription. There is Netflix, Amazon Prime and other such online streaming platforms wherein all the latest movies and web series are being streamed. You can get a subscription and save your dad from having a major fear of missing out on the first day first show feels.

Subscription Of Online Streaming Platform

10. Tshirt Pyjama Set

Comfort is the fashion mantra that every dad lives by. Hence a loosely fitted shirt pyjama set from some apparel brand would indeed make a gift for their dreams. Make sure to look for a comfortable fabric for this shirt pyjama set. Your dad will really love to adorn and flaunt your love to others.

Tshirt Pyjama Gift Set for Dad

So what would be your pick for your dad? Do let us know!