Top 11 Healthy Dry Cakes For Health Conscious People

Cakes are the favourite of everyone, including the health-conscious people. Well, who can even say no to the yummy scrummy cakes? However, fitness enthusiasts like their cakes to be healthy and rich in nutrients. That’s why dry cakes have been their all-time favourite. Dry cakes get their name from the fact that they are eaten without layers of frosting or fondant sheet. Health-giving ingredients are used to make dry cakes delicious cakes.

Healthy Dry Cakes

Sharing a list of dry cakes with all the waist-line watchers that they can eat as an evening snack or after-meal dessert.

1. Plum Cake:

Cakes baked with dry fruits or fresh fruits are termed as plum cakes. Plum cakes are a quintessential winter and Christmas food. Many varieties of plum cakes are now available with the baking evolutions. Canned raisins, rum, soaked plum, walnuts, and dry fruits are used to prepare plum cakes. Chocolate plum cakes are quite popular among chocolate cake lovers. Plum cakes can be both eggless cakes or non-eggless cakes.

Plum Cake

2. Butter Cake:

A melt-in-mouth delicacy because lots of butter is used in baking this dry cake. Butter along with flour, sugar, baking powder or baking soda. It is served with dusted sugar powder on top. With or without; the cake tastes delicious because of the buttery feels.

 Butter Cake

3. Pound Cake:

Calling it a pound of happiness would be more appropriate. It is named so because of the measurement of its ingredients, such as a pound of sugar, a pound of flour, a pound of butter, and a pound of eggs. The pound cake can also be made with separating egg whites. It is lightly flavoured and highly spongy to eat.

 Pound Cake

4. Sponge Cake:

A soft and sponge cake to feel and eat. For a light and airy texture, lots and lots of eggs are used in these sponge dry cakes recipes. A filling of lemon curd is also used in the making of the cake. All the ingredients add to the moistness of the cake. Within just 30 minutes, the cake gets ready to be gobbled down.

Sponge Cake

5. Genoise Cake:

A dry cake from Italy. It is named after the Italian city of Genoa and is popular in French cuisine. The main step in the baking process of a Genoise cake is beating eggs and sugar until thick and gibbon. Then, the batter is poured in a round cake pan. The cake layers are layered with flavoured syrup to keep it moist until served.

 Genoise Cake

6. Biscuit Cake:

It is a simple and tasty dry cake to relish whenever the taste buds scream for something appealing. Biscuit powder combined with sugar, milk and ENO is prepared for the cake. Any biscuit of your choice can be incorporated into the batter.

 Biscuit Cake

7. Marble Cake:

A beautiful cake with chocolate and vanilla stripes. Light and sweet to eat as a tea cake, Unsalted butter is used for baking the cake and other ingredients. Alternate layers of chocolate and vanilla are poured in the cake pan. The cake can be stored in an air-tight container for up to three days or more.

 Marble Cake

8. Mawa Cake:

A traditional Indian dry cake. Solidified milk is used in the cake. It is extremely famous in Mumbai. Because of the sweet, yummy cake, everyone loves this cake across the Indian subcontinent.

Mawa Cake

9. Dundee Cake:

A traditional Scottish fruit cake made with currants, sultanas, and almonds. Fruit peels are also used for the cake. Due to its ingredients; the cake is rich in flavour and has a light, spongy texture. Further, almonds are arranged on top in a circular shape.

Dundee Cake

10. Whole Wheat Cake:

A healthy dry cake made with whole wheat flour and jaggery. As per your liking, you can add eggs or baking soda and baking powder for fluffiness of the cake. The health factor, combined with taste makes it an unmissable dessert.

 Whole Wheat Cake

11. Carrot Cake:

A variant of butter cake. The cake batter is prepared with shredded carrots, vegetable oil substituted for butter, milk, sugar, and flour. The top layer is coated with sugar powder and walnut chunks.

 Carrot Cake