Top 15 Indoor Flowering Plants That Will Brighten Your Home

Plants add a natural touch to your home, making it lovely and lively! If you love to parent plants and want to start your indoor garden, we have some good news. We bring you a collection of indoor flowering plans to make your house feel fresh and lively!

Herbs Plants

The blooming flowers in these indoor flowering plants will add a natural vibrance and pretty look to your space, along with the positivity that lush they bring. Order these plants online and get them delivered to your doorsteps.

1.) Flowering maple:

A beautiful flowering houseplant with leaves looking like maple trees. Flowering maple will thrive in indoor spaces with bright light and warmth. The plant needs to be watered thoroughly. Also known as festive lanterns, the blooming flowers give the look of beautiful festive lanterns. If you consider buying this plant for your indoor garden, you should go for it.

Flowering Maple

2.) African Violet:

One of the most beautiful plants to bring home! African Violet blooms in colour: blue, purple, and white. The houseplant needs no direct sunlight. Considered one of the easiest houseplants to grow, requiring very little care, the African Violet is among the most popular. It flowers several times a year. So if you wish to bring home an African Violet, you should go for it because it is one of the best choices!

african violet

3.) Jasmine:

A symbol of love, beauty and sensuality. Want to give your home a majestic white look? Go for jasmine this season. Flowered jasmines and Arabian jasmines are also relatively easy to grow. They need plenty of light and moisture to thrive in your indoor space. Symbolises purity; get this fresh plant to your indoor garden and enjoy the sensual, rich and beautiful scents of jasmine.


4.) Orchids:

This gorgeous, lovely, and delicate-looking plant is one of the most popular choices when it comes to the indoor home garden. When kept in bright indirect light, the stunning plant thrives best. If given proper care and environment, orchids can last quite a long time. The shade-loving plants add a sweet and musky scent to the place.


5.) Gloxinia:

Related to the African Violet, Gloxinia is one of the most beautiful houseplants. The houseplant bear bell-shaped velvety flowers with colours: white, pink, red, and purple. Seen in florist stores in late winter and spring, the plant will thrive best in medium and bright light.


6.) Clivia:

Suitable for cool and dry conditions, the houseplant blooms flowers in a beautiful yellow-to-orange colour. Clivia is easy to grow and looks elegant when placed inside your beautiful home. So if you are thinking of getting home this winter blooming flower, you should definitely elevate your home garden with it!


7.) Christmas Cactus:

Want to make a great addition to your indoor garden during the winter? We recommend you go for the very classic vibe: Christmas cactus. They are surely going to complement your wonder indoor garden. Blooms generally occur in winter; these houseplants should be kept in bright surroundings with the indirect sun in order for them to thrive. Bears pastel flowers, from red to pink and lilac, these plants are everyone's favourite.

Christmas Cactus

8.) Peace Lily:

Known for its air-purifying qualities, a Peace Lily is generally kept as an indoor plant. It is ideally one of the best houseplants to break down toxic gases like carbon monoxide and formaldehyde. It can thrive throughout the year but bear flowers only during summers. Suits best in low to bright light; it's one of the easiest-growing houseplants

peace lily

9.) Ixora:

Known for attracting good fortune and positive energy, the Red thechi or Ixora plant is also known by the name of west Indian jasmine. Perfect to add that beautiful vibe to your place, this houseplant looks impressive in the entrance and living areas. Ixora makes your whole place look colourful with flowers blooming in colours: red, yellow, pink and white.


10.) Oxalis:

Oxalis is an excellent house plant. They are beautifully embellished with the lightest pink-to-white blooms. Known as the shamrock plant, its purple leaves fold down in darkness or dim lights.


11.) Brazilian Fireworks:

This plant is as impressive as its name. This fabulous coloured plant is all set to elevate your room's entire vibe! Brazilian fireworks can also be a very decorative addition to your home because of their silver-tinged leaves. Also, an excellent choice to brighten your outdoor gardens (kept in shades).

Brazilian fireworks

12.) Guppy Plant:

It is a superb choice for plant baskets because of its dangling blooms and curvy stems. This relative of African Violet will bloom mostly in summer but can flower all year long when exposed to enough light. Get the exciting vibe into your space with a Guppy Plant whose blooms look like goldfish. This houseplant is a beautiful pick to add to your indoor gardens! Get them on your list now!

Guppy Plant

13.) Hibiscus:

A lovely plant that elevates the entire look of your place. If you are looking to add that beautiful, tender touch to your home, you should look for a Hibiscus. Though its big flowers survive for a few days, the plant blooms across seasons. Suitable for bright light, keep this plant on the entrance under direct sunlight in order to keep it thriving.


14.) Amaryllis:

Place them on the sunny side; these beautiful indoor houseplants are known to grow in the winter. These are one of the easiest flower bulbs to grow and take care of indoors. A show of a very vibrant colour, the Amaryllis bulb adds the perfect spirit and colourful happiness to your place!


15.) Hydrangeas:

Add a spring vibe to your place with this beautiful plant with bright leaves and flowers that can give a heavenly look to your home! Thought to be an outdoor plant, hydrangeas also thrive well when exposed to a suitable environment.


Choose a plant that you are most comfortable to parent. And the plant that best suits your setting must be given the preference. Before getting a plant, make sure you study well and gain precise knowledge of it. Some plants might be poisonous if ingested, so they must be kept away from the reach of pets and kids. So choose wisely and make your indoor home garden flourish!

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