Top 5 Medicinal Flowers

Flowers are known for their beauty; the vibrant, as well as pastel colours, the beautiful shapes or petals and the rich green colour of the leaves and the stem, make them look adorable and extremely delightful so much so that they instantly bring a smile upon our faces. But many colourful flowers have much to offer beyond their good looks. Yes, you heard us right! These are particularly known as medicinal flowers for they can be used in the treatment of diseases as well as other benefits that are good for our health. Medicinal flowers are not easy to grow but they are beautiful as well as provide various other health benefits. So, do you know any flowers with medicinal properties? If not, do not worry! Here are some of the best medicinal flowers that benefit our health in one way or the other and provide various other benefits that cannot be ignored.

Top 5 Medicinal Flowers

1. Calendula

Also known as pot marigold flowers, these flowers are annual and feature a bright yellow and orange colour and can brighten up your garden in an instance. Also an edible flower, this is also one of the most common flowers for medicine that are used for making herbal oil, salves as well as creams. Known for its anti-inflammatory, and anti-microbial properties, this flower is also used in the preparation of various cosmetic as well as skincare products in the treatment of problems like acne and eczema. Also used for varicose and gum diseases, it is often used in natural vaginal lubricants for vaginal dryness and for recurrent candida yeast infections.


2. Echinacea

Popularly known as coneflower, this tall prairie flower with bold hues of pink to purple petals is native to North America, and is both heat and drought tolerant. So the next time you are asked which flower is used for making medicine that primarily is used to boost the immune system due to its responsiveness to bacterial and viral infections the answer will be Echinacea. The flower is also used in the preventative and acute treatment of colds and flu. The antibacterial properties of the Echinacea flower are also helpful in treating vaginitis, chronic upper respiratory tract infections as well as other viral and bacterial infections. The flower is also used to prevent infections of skin conditions as well as for boils, cuts and poorly healing wounds.


3. Sage

One of the best medicinal flowers that everyone must grow in their home garden is the Sage herbal flower. With a distinctive aroma, this flower has greyish-green foliage that provides a contrast to its rich green leaves. Sage flower has astringent properties that are frequently used to treat sore throat and gum diseases as well as to reduce flushes during menopause. Sage tea can help ease the transition to weaning, especially in cases where weaning is abrupt or after a perinatal loss.


4. St. John’s Wort

These bright yellow flowers with leaves that have translucent spots, allowing the sun to shine through, alleviating mild to moderate depression. St, John's wort flower is also considered a great cure for depression that occurs as a premenstrual or menopausal symptom, in conjunction with anxiety, or because of a concussion. The skin-healing and antiviral properties of these flowers make it a useful remedy for curing herpes, genital warts, nerve pain, sunburns, wounds and muscle pain.

St. John’s Wort

5. Lavender

So which flower has medicinal value and also a heightened scale of fragrance, so much so that it is used for all sorts of cosmetics and aromatherapy? Lavender is an easy to grow and non-invasive perennial. This flower has a relaxing scent due to its essential oils which are also a part of the flower and have great medicinal properties. An excellent herb flower used for reducing anxiety whether it is acute or chronic. When added to your bath, lavender flowers help ease the emotional and physical tension and make for a great stress buster. When mixed with various other garden herbs, Lavender flowers are also used as a calming tea potion.

If you wish to include these beautiful yet effective medical flowers in your home, you can easily find them at an online florist near you. So, get these little colourful friends home and include them in your daily routine for a healthy life. Do you know any other variables of which flower is used as medicine? If you do, try to pick one of them and gift it to your loved ones to show your support and well wishes for them.