Top Gifts and Cakes To Celebrate A Forgotten Marriage Anniversary

What gift can compensate for a forgotten marriage anniversary? Well, you may try to fill the void of a forgotten anniversary plan with a gorgeous bouquet and the perfect marriage anniversary cake. But the missus will not be convinced about your heartfelt apologies for forgetting the anniversary unless you have some solid anniversary cakes ideas and other gift plans up your sleeves. Adherence to the gift list and ideas on anniversary cakes below is a guideline for the forgetful husbands.

anniversary cakes ideas

Remember, creativity is the key to make it worthwhile. It is up to you to make whatever you are gifting not look last minute. Maybe a little dramatic effect or a creative concept would arise in the romance you and your partner have. With the given ideas below, the idea of giving and the style of presenting it is what treasures everything.

Marriage Anniversary cake options:

• Red velvet

Dense chocolate cake covered in red velvet icing is the best makeup gift for forgetting an anniversary. Any true lover of chocolate will find this cake delicious and tempting. All misgivings about forgetting to wish your wife on the anniversary will be forgiven!

• Eggless sponge cake

Sponge cakes are the best! Light and delicious for the vegetarian dieting wife. Impress your lady with heart shaped cakes that are vegan and low in calories.

anniversary cakes ideas

• Oreo

Dollops of Oreos and chocolates can cure any mood.

Gift ideas for a forgotten Anniversary:

Gift ideas for a forgotten anniversary

• Wall clock

The tick-tocking sound of timepieces reminds you of how worthy your lives together while looking forward to a more fruitful year together. You can customize clocks and wall decor with photos and personalized quotes.

• China

China bone gifts can be more than just chinawares. Check out if you can get statues, candlesticks to light up your dinner together, or ornaments to decorate your table for two. A unique way to show your love is to give your spouse the two combined items. A china necklace or a china bracelet ornamented with garnet and put it on top of a piece of your partner's favourite cake!

• Crystal

A more modern approach is the sunglasses present. Find something chic and classy or a sophisticated, elegant look. There are lots of gift items associated with the crystal. Glasses can be one. Candleholders can set the mood for a candlelight dinner, vases can be filled with romantic flowers, or wine glasses can be paired with a bottle of wine.

• Appliances

Some people can not just bring themselves to buying appliances as an anniversary gift simply because they think it's dull of it. But it's really how you give any item that makes it romantic. One nice household appliance is an espresso machine. It makes you brew perfect aroma to get that cup of your favourite coffee and drink it together, not just on your anniversary, but any time of the day!

• Silverware

They say silverware is loved by many and disliked by few. Tablewares made of silver, or sterling silver could include romantic ideas for your dinner date. This is a sure shot way to impress your wife who is cross with you for forgetting your marriage anniversary.

• Watches

Are watches a status symbol? For others, but whatever reasons watch symbolize a relationship's strength, especially given during an anniversary. Try to capture your spouse's mood by giving a wedding anniversary present with their favourite design clinging on her wrist.

• Platinum

Yes, platinum is expensive, but for 20 years of being together, your spouse is worth it! Today, platinum is considered more precious than gold. And as precious as your spouse is, a platinum collection would be a genuinely fascinating present!

• Diamonds

The most loved gem of all! Anything with this material is such a symbol of infinite love. Its intensity reveals the worth of a diamond. Symbolizing nobility: diamonds are suitable for an ambrosial marriage. All of the gifts and cakes that you shower your lady with will cast a great impression.