Types of Apology Flowers

We all commit mistakes; we all mess up. There is nothing wrong being wrong at times, but not owning up for your mistakes is certainly wrong. However, we understand that you may not be very good at saying "I am Sorry" but at heart; you apologize. For all those times when you wish to say Sorry, feel apologetic, express your remorseful like you genuinely mean it, then take help of flowers.

Types of Apology Flowers

Yes, flowers may be nature's finest creation, but they are also symbolic of human emotion not only the vibrant ones but the sorrowful as well. There are sorry flowers that will work its magic to get you forgiveness from the recipient.

1. Blue Hyacinths

When thinking of apology flowers, Hyacinths may not come to your mind as a choice. It is because these bulbous spring-blooms are too pretty to convey the sorry messages. However, they do. The flowers are representative of "making peace." Therefore, after a major blow out, make peace beautifully over this bunch of flowers in hues of blue. Blue is a calming colour and will pacify the anger.

Blue Hyacinths

2. Pink Carnations

Ohh! this ruffled beauty is a ubiquitous flower. Whenever you wish to make amends with your partner, friends, family member or anyone close to your heart; pink Carnation should be your sorry bouquet. The charm and grace of pink Carnations are what you need when things go haywire.

Pink Carnations

3. White Lily of the Valley

The white Lily of the Valley has many meanings. In Victorian times, Lily of the Valley means "return to happiness." The Lily of the Valley is also symbolic of humility; therefore, these simple yet beautiful flowers are ideal for healing fractured friendship.

White Lily of the Valley

4. White Tulips

The large, showy, and white coloured Tulips are the flowers to say sorry as it represents forgiveness and peace. Tulips are also happy flowers inciting feelings of joyfulness. Yellow and pink Tulips can also be extended to denote sincere apologies.

White Tulips

5. White Orchids

When you give, I am sorry flowers, you intend to make the person feel that you regret your actions and deeds. That's exactly why you should convey your heartfelt sorry with white Orchids because it symbolizes sincerity. Not only this, the white colour is a bonus because it represents peace and agreement.

White Orchids

Every feeling is best expressed with flowers, including apologies. So, whenever you feel sorry, say it with these flowers and it will be truly felt by the person. Forgiveness will be granted for sure.