13 Unique and Special Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day 2020

It’s time to start thinking about Mom - the woman who claims that she doesn’t want or need anything but surely loves when you shower her with presents! Mother’s Day is almost here, and we are here to help you in choosing a perfect gift for your sweet loving mom. Below we have compiled a list of best mothers day gifts 2020. Go through it and choose what your mom will love the most! Choose from the gifts mentioned below, and you will surely get nominated for “Best Daughter of the Year” award :p.

13 Unique and Special Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day 2020

1. Something Chocolatey

Chocolates have the power to bring a smile on anyone’s face! So, bake your mother something chocolatey like cute chocolate cupcakes or pastries or a heavenly chocolate cake! You can also give her a chocolate hamper of different brands and that will surely do the trick!

Something Chocolatey

2. A Smart Watch

It has everything any mom needs and nothing she doesn't. The watch tallies steps, tracks pulse, and automatically recognizes about six basic exercises. It arrives in a variety of fun colours, and Fitbit has the most attractive and most extensive application. The battery life is likewise phenomenal. Simply don't let her check the rest tracker xD.

Smart Watch

3. Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker

Each time the sun turns out, moms land on patches of warm, green grass... How much better would those evening excursions be if those mothers had the option to enjoy some great music? Gift her a Bluetooth speaker and make her evenings more exciting.

Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker

4. Her Favorite Perfume

This is about showing that you focus on her, because by picking the perfect fragrance - the one that your mom has been wearing each day for the last few years - you will not just give her something she needs and will utilize, but will demonstrate that you pay attention to her.


5. A Small Fun Photo Printer

A lot of things happen around mom. So, how about giving her the perfect tool to capture and print all these memories. She will surely fill her picture album or picture box with colourful photographs of the family members and other funny events happening around.

Small  Photo Printer

6. Mother’s Day Flowers

A simple and classy gift for the perfect occasion! Get a bouquet of Mother’s day flowers or box of mixed flowers like roses, orchids, lilies, and express your love in a unique way. Present her with this refreshing bouquet and cheer her up for the woman she is! You can also add a few chocolates with the bouquet to make your gesture delicious.

Mother’s Day Flowers

7. Succulent Planter

For the mothers, we envy for their green thumbs, this fabulous miniature planter will make a thoughtful pick! Also, sending greenery to the house will purify the air around and will light up the species of her living room. The planters come in different colours and shapes.

Succulent Planter

8. Customised Coffee Mug

A classic Mother's day gifts choice to go with! Get her photo imprinted on the mug along with a sweet, emotional message for her like “I need you more and more every day! I love you more and more every day! Thanks for being my constant!”. She will definitely enjoy the gift daily when she pours and drinks coffee.

Customised Coffee Mug

9. Personalised T-Shirt

Thanks and greet your mother on Mother’s Day by gifting her a T-Shirt that says some funny quote or simply You are the best MOM or anything else of your choice. The gift will make her feel special for sure, and she will wear the tee proudly.

Personalised T-Shirt

10. Apron

Why not let your Mom feel that she is the best mom in the world even when she's performing her daily chores? Let Mom feel good about herself and smile more each time she reads the message imprinted on the apron that says “The Best MOM ever”.


11. House Cleaning Kit

Help your mom in cleaning the house in a faster way by giving her a complete tool kit that will assist her in daily cleaning work. You can include all the items of the kit in a personalised bag with her name to make your gesture more heartwarming.

House Cleaning Kit

12. 3D Greeting Card

Adore her with a lovely mother special greeting card and make her feel extra special. Buy a lovely mother's special greeting card online or design one yourself at home and tell her how much you love her. It is a sure shot way to win her heart and make her feel delighted.

3D Greeting Card

13. Best Mom Certificate

“This certificate is presented to XYZ for being the best mom anyone could ever ask for. For always being by my side. For giving the best advice and unconditional love. For all you taught and the sacrifice you made!” The Best MOM Ever Award Certificate will bring a graceful smile on her face.

Best Mom Certificate

So, these are some of the best mothers day gift ideas 2020. I hope you find a perfect thoughtful and meaningful gift in our mother's day 2020 gift ideas list! Happy Mother’s Day! Happy gifting!