7 Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas for the New Mommy-Baby Duo

Being blessed with a baby is a joyous occasion. It is undoubtedly a thing to wonder how a human body creates something so beautiful. The glow that the expecting mommy bears on her face is a sight to behold. The baby shower is one pious occasion that is celebrated in almost every part of the world and is known by a different name everywhere. However, what unites the occasion is the emotion the near and dear ones feel for the soon-to-be parents. It is an opportunity to bless the new mommy and make her count the blessing she has in the form of loving friends and family. If someone you love is expecting a baby soon and is eager to celebrate the baby shower, then you should definitely be a part of it. The fun part of the baby shower is gifting to mother with some gifts that could help her sail through the rest of the pregnancy smoothly, and that helps her to handle her new role as a mother. Here are a bunch of unique baby shower gift ideas that will win you the appreciation of the mother-to-be.

Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas

1. A Superhero Baby

Pick a onesie superhero costume that will make the baby of your best friend super cute for his first photoshoot. This gift will also create some giggles in the family and make up for a happy moment that will be remembered forever.

Superhero Baby Costume

2. Personalised Mug

This one is for the new mum in town! Pick a beautiful personalised mug with her name or an image of her with the baby and watch her getting teary eyes with this gorgeous present. Every day, when she will be starting her day, she will smile with this gift in hand and will thank you for presenting it to her.

Personalised Mug

3. Lucky Bamboo Plant

This one is considered a lucky token according to Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui. It represents all the five cardinal elements of the universe and is supposed to bring good luck and prosperity in the house. Isn’t that everyone wants to be associated with a newborn in the family? It is one of the best baby shower gifts you could give.

Lucky Bamboo Plant

4. What’s The Name?

Thinking a perfect name for a baby is a time-consuming task. To make it a little easier for the new parents, you can present them with a name book comprising of suggestive names that could help them reach a mutual decision and pick a pretty name for their newborn.

Baby Name Book

5. Baby Product Hamper

Pick a bamboo basket and fill it with all the goodies you think the new mommy will need soo. You can choose a baby soap, baby oil, diapers, baby powder, baby cream, a scrapbook, pacifiers, a tiny bottle and a lot more. This will please the mother more than anything as she will have everything she needs in one place.

Baby Product Hamper

6. Write A Letter

If you know how to articulate your feelings perfectly on a piece of paper, then pick up the pen and write a letter to the mother who says how wonderful, honoring and loving feeling it is to be a mom. You can read it o the baby shower or ask her to open it when she is feeling overwhelmed with mommy duties for the new baby. These words will mean a lot to her and make her smile again.

Write Letter

7. Medicine Time

A portable medicine cabinet that could hold all the medicines at one place will prove to be a boon for the mom. Instead of handing it over empty, place commonly used medications and tools like a thermometer, nose drops, ear drops and antiseptic. She will love this utility present more than flowers.

Medicine Cabinet

There is no better occasion than the one welcoming a new baby into the world. If somehow, you are not able to be present in the baby shower of your loved one then choose online gift delivery and send a token of love to the new mom blessing her baby.

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