Indoor Plant Pot Ideas: Unique & Trendy

If you are a green thumb connoisseur, then you should know there is more to life than plants in terracotta vases. With your indoor plants in colourful, boho-chic, and DIY vases; your home garden is undoubtedly going to look as pretty as the pictures on Instagram. So, from designer indoor plant pot ideas to handmade to high-tech; we have got you covered.

Indoor Plant Pot Ideas

Pot Ideas For Indoor Plants That You Should Buy

1. Concrete Vases

Concrete vases are plant containers made of cement or concrete mix powder. Concrete vases come in various sizes, shapes, and colours. They are ideal if you wish to give a rustic touch to your home garden.

Concrete Vases

2. Resin Vases

If you wish to embrace that cute and green vibe, go for resin vases. As compared to the concrete ones, resin vases are light to handle and carry. Resin vases in shapes of animals, king-queen are perfect for desk plants.

Resin Vases

3. Self Watering Vase

These are saviours of urban dwellers like us who are too caught up in the whirlwind of daily life. Even if you forget to water your plants, they will flourish and bloom if planted in self-watering planters.

4. Geometric Shaped Vases

Add dimension to your home by planting plants in geometric-shaped vases. Because of the unique form, they have the power to grab eyeballs to your green buddies residing in the corner.

Geometric Shaped Vases

5. Hanging Vases

For balconies and windows, hanging planters are always best. Either you can hang around single planters or go with hanging planters with shelves if you are limited in space.

Hanging Vases

6. Bluetooth Speaker Vases

Technology has advanced to a level that today we have Bluetooth speaker plant vases. Ideal to be placed on your office or study desk, these vases are for gracing you with greenery and doing all the other things you command it to do.

7. Bookend Vases

Do you desire to adorn your bookshelves with plants? But, running low on space? Don’t worry, get bookends that also double up as planters.

Bookend Vases

8. Rope Vases

Rope vases make for creative indoor plant stand ideas. They will make the plant and of course space look more beautiful. Just lift it out to the water and drain.

Rope Vases

9. Aluminum Vases

Accentuate the interiors with the warmth and charm of aluminium plant vases. The metallic colours, gold, copper, silver of the planters will suit every interior.

DIY Indoor Pot Ideas

1. Canisters

Recycle the canisters like candy tins, paint tins, or any waste tins to grow plants. Paint the tins to make them look more attractive to the eyes.


2. Glass Bottles

Why throw the bottles in the trash when you can put them into green use? Either hang the bottles as planters or located them in the corners or centre of the table as planters.

3. Kitchen Utensils

Grow herbs, succulents in the kitchen utensils like kettle, cups, jars and embellish your shelves or kitchen slabs with it.

Kitchen Utensils Planter

4. Colourful Buckets

You can use waste buckets as plant containers. If not painted, paint them to add a burst of colour with green hues. Aluminium, steel, copper buckets are preferable.

5. Wooden Crate Planter

You can create an assorted succulent garden or a colourful flowering bunch in wooden crates. Choose a mix of plants to pot in the wooden crates. Then, either paint the outer sides or engrave it with quotes.

Wooden Crate Planter

6. Dolchi

Everyone has a Dolchi in their home. When you think it's of no use, put them to use by planting green and flowering plants in them.

7. Book Planters

If vintage is your thing and you are looking for indoor plant pot ideas for the office, then use those old books as planters. Scoop out a hole and set hardy plants like succulents in it.

Book Planters

8. Glass Jars

Make Terrariums plant inside a glass jar. All you need is succulent or artificial plants along with sand, colourful pebbles, and decorative items.

9. Brick Planter

One of the easiest and cost-friendly indoor plant vase ideas that would look absolutely stunning. Take an old brick, make a hollow space, and place succulent in it. For more beauty, add a tealight candle as well.

Brick Planter

Now, you have got enough ideas for indoor plant pots. Either you can buy them from the store or handcraft it yourself. Whatever you choose to do it, they will make your home a green paradise.