Unique Recipe of Mango Cheese Cake

Hey, Sweet Tooths!

We are back again, and this time we bring you a blend of mango and cheese.

We thought of giving your taste buds a magical combination of mango - the sweetest fruit and cheese - the superior of yumminess, in the form of mango cheese cake.

Mango Cheese Cake

And as soon as we found the unique way of baking it, we couldn’t stop ourselves from sharing it with you guys.

The Mango Cheesecake recipe that you are about to go through may not seem a nice one while in the process, but the end result will surely take you on a heavenly sweet ride.

Intro End!

Let’s Bake!

Ingredients You Need

● 1/4 cup cold water

● 1 tbsp gelatine powder

● 125 g biscuits

● 75 g butter melted

● 500 g cream cheese softened

● 2/3 cup caster sugar

● 500 g mango diced

● 300 ml thickened cream

● 1 mango (sliced to serve)

Equipments You Need

● Foodprocessor

● Freezer

● Microwave

● Round base springform cake pan

● Baking Paper

● Heatproof Jug

Process Of Baking Mango Cheese Cake

1. Preheat the oven to 350°F.

2. Properly grease the round base springform cake pan.

3. Now cover the inner sides of the cake pan with baking paper. Extend the baking paper 1 to 1.5 centimetres above the edges of the cake pan.

4. Pour water in the heatproof jug and sprinkle the gelatin in it.

5. Switch on the Microwave and put a heatproof jug in it for around 30 seconds.

6. Bring it out, stir and see if the gelatine is dissolved properly.

7. If yes, set aside to let it cool.

8. Now crush the biscuits to make fins crumbs and add butter.

9. Combine the biscuit crumbs and butter well enough.

10. Pour the mixture in the prepared pan and press it nicely.

11. Put the cake pan in the freezer until you prepare the filling of mango cheesecake.

12. Process cream cheese, half of the diced mango, and sugar properly in the food processor.

13. Add cream to the mixture prepared on step 12 and process again until well combined.

14. Keep the processor on low speed and add cooled gelatine mixture. Process again until combined well.

15. Take the mixture out from the processor in a bowl and fold in the remaining diced mango.

16. Now pour the mixture on the prepared base in the cake pan.

17. Put it into the refrigerator and let it refrigerate until set.

18. Take out the mango cheesecake from the refrigerator and top it with sliced mangoes.

Now, let your taste buds feel the magic of mango and cheese that you have baked.

Hope you like this Mango Cheesecake Recipe!