5 Ways to Reuse Anniversary Bouquet Flowers

Recently, you celebrated another year of togetherness with your darling husband and you both were flooded with tons of gift, and happy anniversary flower bouquet, this goes without a doubt. But, the mere idea of throwing away those vibrant, graceful, fragrant blooms after a couple of days scare the bejesus out of you, let alone putting this thought into action.

reuse of anniversary bouquet

Fortunately, there are a million ways to reuse anniversary bouquet creatively and beautifully. From home decor to handmade products to accessories, and more flower bundles can be transformed into something purposeful.

Without wasting a minute, let’s get started and create a piece of wonderful art!

1. Handmade Cards

Can you think of a better and appealing gift choice for your husband than a piece of work created reusing bouquet of marriage anniversary? Well, it's hard to come up with a gift alternative that can surpass handmade cards because the charisma of it is hard to beat. So, pass your love to your better half on your next anniversary or Valentine’s Day by crafting a card from dried flowers. Do not forget to write a personal note for him.

How To Make: Take flowers and leaves from the bouquet.

  • Carefully remove dust and spray some water for added freshness.
  • Place them in the middle of the thick book and keep it under a heavyweight object for about two weeks.
  • Once the flowers and leaves are dried, arrange them in a pattern on a card paper.
  • Your personalised piece of decoration is good to go.
handmade cards

2. Organic Perfumes

Perfumes and body mist makes for the best accessory that everyone loves to wear. Now, you can make your scents with the help of fragrant flowers. Whenever you receive perfumed flowers like roses, jasmine, rajnigandha, lilac, plumeria, you can harness their scent into bottles of perfumes and face mist.

How To Make: Pluck all the petals from the flower and collect them in a large bowl.

  • Pour water on the leaves, cover it with a lid and put the bowl to simmer.
  • As soon as you see water condensing on the lid, place a few ice cubes over the lid to bring down the temperature
  • Let the petals of the flower get completely submerged into the water
  • After a while strain, the water into a bottle and your perfume or face mist is ready for use.
  • If you wish for a stronger smell, you can add a few drops of essential oil. Use oil of the flower that you have used.
organic perfumes

3. Blazing Candles

Lit your home with aroma and brightness by handcrafting decorative scented candles with the help of anniversary flower bouquets. Decorative candles can be used for home decor as well. And, as Diwali is around the corner, this is the ideal opportunity for you to indulge in candle making.

How To Make: Use dried flowers for this. If your flowers are still fresh, dry them completely.

  • Now take a plain candle and stick the flowers on it using an adhesive stick.
  • And to make the flowers last longer, hold your candle from the wick and bring it near a bowl of heating water. The steam will make the flowers stick permanently on the candle.
  • Or, you can add dry flowers and leaves into molten wax. Pour the wax into a container, place and wick, allow it cool, and your candle is ready to flicker.
 blazing candles

4. Ornamental Tiaras

Create your flower crown with flowers. If you or any dear ones of you have received a 25th wedding anniversary flower bouquet containing silver flower stems, then you can easily make a silver crown for yourself that can be worn as an accessory to functions and weddings. You can add other flowers in colours that match with your dress.

How To Make: Grab the flowers and leaves that have dried

  • Remove heavy foliage from the stems.
  • Split your flowers into bunches.
  • Take a wire and mould it into a ring.
  • Now wrap the ring with flowers.
ornamental tiaras

5. Floral Home Decor

Who said a bouquet has to be “alive.” If you do not wish to pay condolences to your floral companions upon they being dried up, just arrange them in a vase, and you can use it embellish your space. Another way to reuse flowers of a silver anniversary bouquet. is to hang them on a dull wall of your space to add some sparkling liveliness to your space.

How To Make: For dried flower bouquet, you will need a vase.

  • Arrange the dried flowers stems inside the vase and display it.
  • For wall decor, you will need stems of flowers and tape or adhesive.
  • Hang the flowers along the length of the wall using adhesive and tape.
  • You can also add strings of light in between for a magical effect
floral home decor

Now, when your flowers start to droop a little, you don’t have to be sad because you have the ways to reuse them. Take the inspiration and create your floral haven!

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