Amazing Ways to Reuse your Valentine's Day Rose Bouquets

One of nature's vibrant and fragrant gifts among all the other things has to be flowers. Yes, flowers are nature's scent and natural colours given to us, by the Almighty. Flowers do not just bring fragrances and colours to the surroundings, but also, they bring a whole week of embracement, due to their long-lasting characteristics.

ways to reuse your valentines day rose bouquets

Now, the only issue with such beautiful roses, that too when received on the occasion of Valentine's Day is- throwing them away is always a tough task. But not anymore! As here are some quirky ideas to keep your Valentine's roses, sound and sane. (only a Lil destruction, though) So, now order roses online, gift or receive them without any strain.

Rose Water

Yes, the easiest and convenient way to reuse gifted rose, is making rose water out of it. Remember, the freshest the roses are, the most effective the rose water be. Take around two cups of rose petals, and add distilled water to them which is enough to soak these. Boil this mix till the time petals start losing their colour. Once done, let the water cool down and strain it in a container or an easy-to-use bottle. Tada… you are done, and all ready for the purest rosewater and this one of the many rose medicinal uses for healthy-looking skin.

rose water

Rose Petal Candies

If you are someone who likes to experiment or has a sweet tooth, then these candies are one of the best uses of rose, you can make. All you need for the candy is some torn rose petals, one beaten egg white, and some ultra-fine sugar powder. Start the recipe by drying the petals completely (you can microwave the leaves), brush egg-white on these petals from both sides and now sprinkle sugar on these petals. Now keep these petals on a mesh to let it dry, naturally.

rose petal candies

Rose Ice-cream or Kulfi

Another quick and easy manner to make an ice-cream or kulfi out of rose petals is either by adding rose water in the ice-cream mix or the rose petal candies. While preparing the ice-cream, you can also take a hand half-full of dried and crushed rose petals, and you are done. Freeze this mix till the time it is set correctly, and eat this homemade, fresh ice-cream.

rose ice cream or kulfi

Rose Resin Pendant

For this DIY, you would need a silicone mould in your desired shape, resin liquid, rose petals, and some sparkle. To begin with, pull out the rose petals from the stem, and spread a skinny layer of resin in the mould, now before it gets dried, pour the right amount of rose petals. (Use a toothpick to adjust the leaves inside the mould. Pour some more resin, to a perfect thickness. Let it dry by itself or use a resin dryer to make this a quick DIY. Please take out the pendant from the mould and put it in a chain. A life-long preserve, it would be.

rose resin pendant

So, these are some among a bunch of other DIY's that you can try this season when you get an online flower delivery at your doorstep. And there are a lot of things that can help you keep using a gifted flower bouquet, in the long run. Not in the same manner as it was gifted to you, but in the form of floral and scented candles, homemade perfumes, aromatic oils, detox rose water, potpourri, and many other such vivacious and luxurious things. Now more about flowers and their uses in our upcoming blogs.