Wellness Gift Ideas For SIblings On Rakhi 2021

Raksha Bandhan is just a few days away from now, and it is the perfect time for us to start searching for gifts for our siblings. And we are thinking about being a little bit different this time. It doesn't matter whether you have a same-sex sibling or the opposite one; celebrate the occasion by caring for your sibling with a wellness gift.

Wellness Gift Ideas For SIblings On Rakhi 2021

Nothing matters more than the health and well being of your sibling, and that's what you have to show with your gifting gesture. It is the opportunity for you to strengthen your siblinghood a bit more. A gift will also bring a smile to your sibling's face, and he/she will love you a bit more than ever before.

Wellness gift ideas for siblings aim to care for them and somehow motivate them for good health. Let's hope you will find a perfect gift idea here!

Wellness Gifts Ideas For Your Sibling Having Sleeping Issues

  • The sleep mask - Sleep masks have proven to be very effective in overcoming sleeping issues.
  • Wedge pillow - A wedge pillow helps improve blood circulation and relieves pressure from body parts that leads to good sleep.
  • Noise-cancelling earbuds - They stop the unwanted sounds and provide a silent atmosphere for sleeping.
  • Sleep tracking pad - It provides an in-depth analysis of sleep cycles, continuous heart rate & snore detection.
  • White noise machine - It produces a noise that calms the listeners and, in turn, a good sleep.
  • A subscription to sleep aid podcast - Podcasts can provide ways to sleep better. These are in trends right now.
Wellness Gifts Ideas For Your Sibling Having Sleeping Issues

Wellness Gifts For Your Sibling Who Is Stressed

  • Weighted blanket - Weighted blanket uses deep pressure stimulation for producing mood-boosting hormones.
  • Dark chocolate - The consumption of dark chocolate reduces levels of the stress hormone cortisol.
  • Stress relief candles - These candies also help in reducing stress by activating hormones.
  • Meditation cushion - A meditation cushion provides a comfortable setting to help a person meditate better.
  • Essential oil diffuser - Breathing scents from the essential oil diffuser suppresses sympathetic nervous system activity and promotes relaxation.
  • House plant - House plants make the person feel close to the environment, which is good to boost mood.
  • Gift card for a massage - Sending a lovely message with rakhi online can make your brother happy, and it will relieve his stress.
  • Stress relief bubble bath set - Bubbles are helpful in relieving stress as it keeps a person busy in something joyful.
  • Colouring book - The colouring book may sound like a gift for a kid, but colouring therapy has proven results against stress.
  • Musical instrument - Music is considered the best thing to heal stress. Try gifting a musical instrument to your sibling.
Wellness Gifts For Your Sibling Who Is Stressed

Gift Ideas For Your Fitness Freak Sibling On This Raksha Bandhan

  • Gym or fitness club membership - Your sibling will jump in joy having a paid subscription to the best Gym or the fitness club nearby.
  • Smartwatch or activity tracker - It will help your sibling track the fitness activities and the results.
  • Yoga mat - Yoga has proven to be the first choice of many people for staying extremely healthy. A Yoga mat will surely ensure the wellness of your sibling.
  • Joggers - Having quality and comfortable joggers is as important as having a good fitness routine. Don't compromise on the quality of it.
  • Gym bag - A cool gym bag can help your sibling take the necessary things to the Gym in a stylish way.
  • Jump rope - Jumping rope is one of the most result-oriented exercises for losing fat quickly. You can easily get it online or from the nearest sports shop.
  • Water bottle - Drinking the optimum amount of water every day is the easiest way to stay healthy. A water bottle gift will push your sibling to drink more water.
  • Running shoes - How about making your sibling smile with a new pair of running shoes?
  • Exercise machine - If your sibling is not going to the Gym, you can gift him/her a multi exercise machine.
Gift Ideas For Your Fitness Freak Sibling On This Raksha Bandhan

Wellness Gifts For Your Foodie Sibling On Rakhi 2021

  • Cookbook of healthy recipes - Increase your sibling's knowledge of recipes by gifting a cookbook of healthy recipes.
  • Edible Herbs - Having herbs in our meals provide us with so many benefits. You can choose to gift a set of edible herbs to your sibling.
  • Basket of healthy snacks - Keep your sibling munching on like a foodie he/she is by surprising him/her with a basket full of healthy snacks.
  • Blender or juicer - Fruit and vegetable juice provide instant energy to the body. You can choose to gift a juicer to your sibling so that he/she doesn't have to run to the juice shop again and again.
  • Air fryer - Air fryers are good to use for cooking dishes that usually need a high amount of edible oils.
  • Basket Of Fruits - You can bring the blessing of wellness to your sibling by the option to surprise him/her with a basket full of fresh fruits.
  • Coffee maker - A perfectly made coffee is proven to provide instant energy, and coffee consumption also has many other health benefits. So, a coffee maker seems like a good choice.
  • Coffee mug - You can choose a coffee mug to always bring a smile to your sibling's face whenever he/she has the coffee.
Wellness Gifts For Your Foodie Sibling On Rakhi 2021

Sisters can choose to make it a combo by adding any of the gift ideas mentioned above with a rakhi set for memorable Raksha Bandhan celebrations. And brothers can add a funny note on the gift to tease their sisters because it's just a sibling thing.