What Type of Chocolates and Rakhi are Best Combination

Raksha Bandhan is the festival flavoured with the sweetness of brother and sister. And, the great way to celebrate the Rakhi festivities with happiness is to relish sweets and confections. From ages, sweets have been intrinsically associated with Indian festivals, traditions, and culture. But, why? Sugar, ghee (clarified butter), and milk are the three main ingredients for preparing sweets. According to ancient tales, these three ingredients are “sattvic” in nature; meaning pure and pious.

What Type of Chocolates and Rakhi are Best Combination

Therefore, every celebration is commemorated over mithai or sugary delights for infusing every second of the event with sweet happiness and pleasures. Chocolates, one of the highly enjoyed sweets in India, is a product of milk and sugar along with other ingredients. Since milk and sugar are the main ingredients of chocolate, it becomes a sweet of festivities.

Toh aaye iss saal Raksha Bandhan ka tyohaar manate hai rakhi with chocolates, mithas, aur khushiyon ke saath!

1. Dairy Milk Silk Chocolate With Designer Rakhi

Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate is not just a sweet but an emotion. Every piece of this chocolate melts in the mouth like butter melts on a hot paratha. Soft and moist to the core, Dairy Milk is an edible piece of joy that you need to make Raksha Bandhan festival merrier. Couple the cadbury celebration raksha bandhan special pack with a designer rakhi and watch your little brother go gaga over it.

Dairy Milk Silk Chocolate With Designer Rakhi

2. Kit-Kat Chocolate with Silver Rakhi

Crunchy inside, chocolatey outside-- KitKat chocolate it is! Long, slender wafer sticks enveloped in milk chocolate results in a pack of KitKat chocolate perfect for having crunchy-sweet Rakhi celebrations. Add the sweetness of chocolate to your crunchy chit-chat with your brother over Kitkat paired with silver rakhi.

Kit-Kat Chocolate with Silver Rakhi

3. Ferrero Rocher Chocolate with Beaded Rakhi

Your brother is just like a Ferrero Rocher, hard on the outside and soft on the inside. So, what’s the best way to melt him into tears? Tie beaded rakhi on his wrist and give him Ferrero Rocher chocolate that is loved, appreciated, and gifted across celebrations. The nutty, toasted hazelnut covered in chocolate and crunchy nuts results in golden Ferrero Rocher balls idyllic for appreciating glittering moments of life: joy of being with family, embracing special brother-sister love.

Ferrero Rocher Chocolate with Beaded Rakhi

4. Bournville Chocolate with Cartoon Rakhi

Come to the dark side; they have chocolate for you. This is the season of cadbury raksha bandhan celebrations. Exotic cocoa bars enriched with quality nuts, raisins or cranberry, every bite of Bournville chocolate makes us believe that dark chocolate is the secret ingredient of happiness. Dark chocolate also promises health benefits. On the whole, it is a bar of chocolate packed with the goodness of health and taste. As siblinghood is bittersweet just like Bournville chocolate, it is the raksha bandhan chocolate that best compliments your relationship with your sibling. Pair it with a superhero rakhi to drown the bitterness with sweetness.

Bournville Chocolate with Cartoon Rakhi

5. Toblerone Chocolate with Diamond Rakhi

Chocolate makes everything better. Indeed. But, Swiss chocolate makes everything good. If you have Swiss chocolate, say Toblerone, you have everything. The distinctive triangular-shaped milk chocolate including nougat and honey, Toblerone is one of the rakhi special chocolates indulgence your brother will instantly fall for. And, to make him fall hard, place a studded rakhi in the rakhi thali along with the chocolate.

Toblerone Chocolate with Diamond Rakhi

6. Assorted Chocolate with Auspicious Rakhi

Take your brother’s love for chocolates to the next whole level by gracing him with a box of assorted chocolates and auspicious rakhi, this Raksha Bandhan. Packed with milk chocolate, white chocolate, dark chocolate, fruit & nut chocolate-- a box of assorted chocolates allows your brother to taste the varying shades of love and happiness.

Assorted Chocolate with Auspicious Rakhi

7. Personalised Chocolate with Photo Rakhi

“Nice memories are like personalised chocolate; you can’t survive on them alone, as they aren’t very filling, but they make life sweeter.” So, let your brother enjoy sweet memories of life piece by piece with personalised chocolates. With edible photos and names, personalised chocolate is the happy memory that can be eaten. Personalized chocolates go best with photo rakhi.

Personalised Chocolate with Photo Rakhi

So, these were all about the best chocolates and rakhi combinations to celebrate the khatta-meetha relationship of brother and sister. The sweetness of the chocolates and piousness of the rakhi will bless your relationship with years of happiness, love, and togetherness.

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