When is Rakhi in 2023: Date, Time, Significance, and Everything!

When is Rakhi in 2023

The occasion of love and protection, popularly known as Rakhi, Raksha Bandhan, and Rakhi Purnima, celebrating the virtue of the relationship of a brother and sister, will be celebrated on 30th August 2023, perfectly ready to knock on our doors. Raksha Bandhan, in Sanskrit, means “the knot of protection”; brothers vow to protect their sisters as they tie the knot of love on their brother’s wrists.

Of course, the blog is not restricted to the “When is rakhi in 2023” question, as you will find everything related to the sacramental festival. From the time of celebration, rakhi Shubh Muhurat, meaning, history, and significance to the procedure, rituals, and common FAQs, find everything you are looking for in this blog. So, let’s begin by answering the question, when is Raksha Bandhan in 2023?

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When is Rakhi 2023?

Rakhi Date 2023: The pious occasion of Rakhi Purnima 2023 will be celebrated on August 30th. But when is Raksha Bandhan observed per the Hindu calendar? It is marked every year on the full moon day, or Purnima, in the Shravan month; hence it is also known as Rakhi Purnima.

Raksha Bandhan 2023 Shubh Muhurat

Raksha Bandhan 2023 Muhurat Time: The best time to tie the rakhi or the Rakhi Shubh Muhurat will begin at 10:58 AM on Wednesday, 30th August and conclude at 7:05 AM on Thursday, 31st August. According to Hindu scriptures, it is advisable to refrain from celebrating Raksha Bandhan during the Bhadra Kaal. This period is considered inauspicious for auspicious activities, as it is believed to carry negative energy.

Rakhi Shubh Muhurat Timing
Raksha Bandhan 2023 date Wednesday, 30 August 2023
Raksha Bandhan Shubh Muhurat After 09:01 PM on August 30th
Purnima Tithi (Full Moon) Starts 10:58 AM on Aug 30, 2023
Purnima Tithi (Full Moon) Ends 07:05 AM on Aug 31, 2023
Bhadra Start Time 5:30 PM on Aug 30, 2023
Bhadra End Time 09:01 PM on Aug 30, 2023

Procedure and Rituals of Rakhi Purnima 2023

As the occasion is traditional, it is best to perform the rituals by following traditional customs. Follow the below-listed steps to celebrate Raksha Bandhan 2023:

  • To begin with, make your brother sit with his face towards the west direction and ask him to cover his head with a handkerchief, scarf, or any piece of cloth.
  • Assemble all the essentials in a tray, such as Rakhi, Roli, Diya, Chawal, and Sweets.
  • Adorn your brother’s forehead with a Tilak of Roli and apply Akshat (raw Chawal mixed with turmeric or sandal). Light the Diya and do the aarti.
  • While your brother holds a whole coconut in his right hand, tie the Rakhi on his left wrist, and offer sweets while praying for his well-being. If your brother lives out of town, then you can always send rakhi online to his doorstep and celebrate the occasion virtually.
  • Receive love-wrapped gifts from your brother and a promise that he will protect you in all walks of life.

Meaning of Raksha Bandhan

The auspicious occasion is a testament to the siblings' unconditional love and care. The meaning of Raksha Bandhan lies in the Sanskrit language, where Raksha means protection, and Bandhan means Bond or Tie. Raksha Bandhan serves as a poignant reminder of siblings' irreplaceable role in each other's lives – a day when the threads of love intertwine to create a tapestry of unity and lifelong devotion.

Significance and History of Rakhi 2023

Raksha Bandhan has beautiful meanings and importance attached to it. It celebrates the heartwarming relationship between brothers and sisters and strengthens their bond. The brother vows to protect his sister against all odds, and the sister also prays for his well-being. Many stories are attached to this love-filled occasion, but the most significant is the one belonging to Lord Krishna and Draupadi.

Once, Lord Krishna wounds his little finger and starts bleeding. Draupadi, his best friend, cannot see this and tears a cloth from her saree and ties it around her finger. Later, during the heinous act of Cheerharan, when Duhshasan tries to disrobe Draupadi, Krishna completes his vow and protects her with his powers.

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Wrapping Up

Now you know when is Raksha Bandhan in 2023, so take your time and prepare for an unforgettable celebration. Raksha Bandhan is a festival of importance all over India, as people observe it with the utmost zeal and vigour. The auspicious occasion is a celebration of unwavering love shared between siblings. No matter where your sibling is, the threads of Rakhi unite the hearts.

FAQs Related to Raksha Bandhan 2023

When is Rakhi in 2023?

Raksha Bandhan, also known as Rakhi, will be celebrated on August 30, 2023.

What is the significance of Rakhi in Indian culture?

Raksha Bandhan holds immense cultural and emotional significance in India. It is a festival celebrating the bond of love and protection between brothers and sisters. This festival also extends beyond biological siblings to celebrate the bond between any two individuals who share a protective and caring relationship.

How is Raksha Bandhan celebrated in different parts of India?

Raksha Bandhan is celebrated with various customs and traditions across India. In the northern regions, like Punjab and Haryana, it often involves grand feasts, family gatherings, and the traditional rituals of tying the Rakhi on a brother's wrist. In Maharashtra, it's celebrated as "Narali Purnima," a coastal festival where people offer coconuts to the sea as a symbol of seeking protection. In the southern states, the day is also marked by various rituals, including tying Rakhi and exchanging gifts.

What is the importance of the Raksha Bandhan Muhurat?

The Raksha Bandhan Muhurat, a specific auspicious time for performing rituals, is believed to enhance the positive effects of the ceremony. Performing the rakhi tying ceremony during this time is significant to ensure its spiritual and emotional impact on siblings' lives.

When does the Raksha Bandhan Muhurat begin and end in 2023?

The Raksha Bandhan Shubh Muhurat in 2023 begins at 10:58 AM on August 30 and ends at 07:05 AM on August 31.

Is Raksha Bandhan on 30 or 31 August 2023?

Rakhi in 2023 will be observed on 30 and 31 August, according to the Panchang. Due to the Bhadra time, which is not considered auspicious, Rakhi will also be celebrated on the 31st of August. The Bhadra time will end at 9:01 PM on the 30th; hence, Rakhi will be celebrated till 7:05 AM on the 31st.