12 Wonderful Pot Decoration Ideas

Decorating a pot means adding many colors and life to your home and living spaces. There are many ways to decorate the pots inside your house and add colors and vibrance.

Plants bring in so much love and happy vibes. Some plants are known for bringing good luck and positivity. Along with the lovely plants, you can also bring joyful, quirky, and amazing vibes to your place by decorating the pots and the planters in the most beautiful colors, patterns, and designs.

12 Wonderful Pot Decoration Ideas

Below are a lot of simple pot designing ideas you can choose from to add colors and beauty to your space.

1.) Polka dots:

It is one of the most simple, popular, and lovely ideas to decorate the pots in your house. Choose a base color and go for contrasting black and white dots. You can choose the colors according to your space's color palette or home decor. These painted pots will make your indoor space or patio look beautiful.

Polka dots for Pot Decoration

2.) Geometric designs:

Geometric designs add a very unique and formal touch to your place. Looks perfect if you want to give a touch-up to your cabin, cubicle or desk.

Geometric Designs for Pot Decoration

3.) Abstract designs:

Painting abstract designs on the pots will elevate your space's look and feel. A creative abstract touch goes beautifully with similar paintings and art in the house. If going for the small planters, you can easily place them in the hallway and the big ones around the entrance to make the whole vibe quirky and lively.

Abstract Designs for Pot Decoration

4.) Paints and colorful threads:

You can paint your pots and planters in the most beautiful colors. The colors you love the most or the ones that match the color scheme of your place. Now tie some colorful and beautiful threads around the pots to have the most beautiful and vibrant look. They are surely going to elevate your home decor. Add little planters on the coffee table on the patio and sip the most lovely morning coffee there.

Paints and colorful threads for Pot Decoration

5.) Chalk designs:

Drawing the most beautiful patterns and designs on the mud pots is one of the most basic yet lovely ideas. You can maintain the original look of the pots and still make them look most beautiful. Make designs and patterns with white chalk or coloured ones according to your wish and make them look fantastic.

Chalk designs for Pot Decoration

6.) Cover with fabrics:

Cover your pots with the most quirky and lively coloured fabrics to make them look most beautiful. Perfect for indoor set-ups to make them a little more dust and spoil-free, the craft will surely be the highlight of your indoor living space attracting everyone's attention.

Cover with fabrics for Pot Decoration

7.) Throw in the colors on the surface:

This idea is very fun and lovely to implement. Just collect some paints, throw shades over shades, and make your pots look so lovely that they will grab your attention whenever you enter your space. Keep these big mud pots carrying the most beautiful flower plants just at the entry gate.

Throw in the Colors on the surface

Do the same for big earthen vases and put in big stem flowers to make them look fantastic.

8.) Smileys with markers:

Make beautiful smileys on your planters. You can make a whole universe of smileys. You can also add quirky quotes and make it feel more special. Add motivating and lovely quotes, keep those pots on your office desk, and make it the highlight decor piece of your desk.

Smileys with markers for Pot Decoration

9.) Decoration with a lace:

Put beautiful lace around your pots and make them look bright and stunning. You can use different colors of lace and add all the happy colors to your place. You can even make it look beautiful by coloring the base with different paints.

Decoration with a lace for Pot Decoration

10.) Mosaic:

Decorate your pot with small pieces of decorative glass, stones, and tiles. This bright and beautiful pot at your place gives your room or home a very artistic look. You can keep this plant in your favorite corner of the house and make your happy place even more lovely.

Mosaic for Pot Decoration

11.) Wrap it with a rope:

You can also wrap your planter or pot with a rope. It is one of the easiest ways to add a very subtle and organic look to your pots. Perfect for elevating the hanging plants on the balcony. Make your morning views even more extraordinary.

Wrap it with a Rope for Pot Decoration

12.) Mandala art:

Make your pots attractive in your home by painting beautiful and finesse mandala art with the paints. You can use basic white color on the regular mud pot or choose a combination of colors to add a colorful and vibrant touch.

Mandala Art for Pot Decoration

Decorating pots for your home and workspace in different patterns and designs and with various decorative materials can also be a great hobby that can bring you so much satisfaction and happiness. Add a very personal and creative touch to your place by decorating pots your way.