10 adorable cake designs for your 1st anniversary

"The couples that are ‘meant to be’ are the ones who go through everything that is meant to tear them apart and come out even stronger than they were before."

first anniversary cake

Days pass by, months pass by, everything changes but the love between a couple remains intact, quite like those good, old days. It feels like it was just yesterday when the couple got to know each other or just started dating. But look at how time flies by when the couple is deeply and madly in love with each other and are ready to face any obstacle that comes in between them together. For some, this is the true definition of love - standing by each other’s side through the thicks and thins of one’s life till death do them apart. Anniversaries are a joyous occasion to celebrate such couples who are an epitome of true love. Quite just like to celebrate someone’s existence we need a cake, the same applies to anniversaries and cake for anniversary to be celebrated over. And when it comes to the first anniversary for a happy couple, it needs to be made special over a delicious yet adorable first anniversary cake. Be it that you are a wifey and looking for the perfect anniversary cake for husband or just a partner who is looking to surprise their significant other on their anniversary, an anniversary special cake is a must. Here are a few first anniversary cake ideas to give a try on the 1st anniversary of yours.

1. Figurine Anniversary Cake

A designer cake that comes topped up with a couple of figurine, holding a beautiful romantic pose reflecting the love that you both hold for each other, a figurine anniversary cake is perfect to celebrate your first anniversary over.

Figurine Anniversary Cake

2. Number One Anniversary Cake

Mark your first anniversary over a stunning number one cake to have a lasting impression in the hearts and minds of all. As number cakes are something trending, these days and you can absolutely get it customised with any favourite flavours of you and your partner’s, it will surely make your first anniversary the most special one.

Number One Anniversary Cake

3. Alphabet Anniversary Cake

Alphabet cakes are super fancy and topped up with delicious mascarpone cream, decorated with fresh fruits, meringue, flowers and more, it is sure to make your anniversary memorable. You can get the initial of you and your partner’s name designed into a lovely anniversary special alphabet cake. Your partner’s heart will surely melt into tears.

Alphabet Anniversary Cake

4. Heart-Shaped Cake

A heart-shaped cake on anniversary day is sure to take your partner’s breath away! Haven’t you heard of this proverb? Let the love, passion and romance take new heights as you choose to commemorate your first-ever anniversary over a scrumptious yet heartwarming heart-shaped cake.

Heart-Shaped Cake

5. Red Velvet Cake

The flavour of love, the flavour of exoticness, red velvet is the kind of all the flavours which oozes out love and only love. From its alluring red colour to its moist, scrumptious flavour, everything about a red velvet cake leaves us absolutely speechless which is exactly what helps it to make a great anniversary cake for the first anniversary.

Red Velvet Cake

6. Tier Cake

*Drumrolls* as we announce the best 1st-anniversary cake as tier cake. An epitome of the extravaganza that tastes equally good is the designer tier cakes. Cal one, call all as you bring everyone beloved to say cheers to your happy married life. One year of bliss deserves a little bit of flaunting.

Tier Cake

7. Anniversary Photo Cake

The past few months have been nothing but a roller coaster of emotions for your both. You stood by each other or explored every bit of each other’s lives but most importantly made memories for a lifetime. Pick any such flaunt worthy memory ( as in a picture) and get customised in and as a photo cake, fitting the occasion of your anniversary. Your partner will be left spellbound.

Anniversary Photo Cake

8. Floral Anniversary Cake

When in doubt, opt for a floral colourful edible paradise to celebrate any special day or occasion over. Flowers in real life seem to make anyone skip a beat and when it comes as a cake frosting, it notches up the amazing appeal. Something like this cake is sure to leave your partner asking for a piece more. Watch out!

Floral Anniversary Cake

9. Swirl Cake

Easy piping technique, but even easier to win someone’s heart with. A swirl cake is an easy breezy cake which makes it perfect to celebrate anniversary over as it has got a minimalistic yet a significant appeal to grasp the attenuation of all ( mostly of your partner). Let him/her get swoon in your love!

Swirl Cake

10. Macaroons And Candy Cake

Who doesn’t like these two things- macaroons and candies? We bet, everyone does, which is what makes it perfect to surprise a partner with something like a cake made with these two things and lots of love. A yummy scrummy cake as this is sure to make this anniversary the best one for the both of you.

Macaroons And Candy Cake

So, these were the top 10 cake designs or kinds that are perfect to celebrate 1st anniversary over. Choose any cake, we would say but leave no stones unturned to express your love for your love of life as this is your day of love.

Happy Anniversary!! Have A Great One! :)