5 Best Rainbow Birthday Cake Ideas

“One fine day, a baker thought of baking something unique and colourful. The baker looked around and saw a rainbow up above in the sky. The baker came back to the baking lab and prepared batter of 7 different colours (Violet–Indigo–Blue–Green–Yellow–Orange–Red) and placed one on the other and eventually ended up discovering the rainbow cake.”

Rainbow Cake

Rainbows always feel like magic from nature, and cakes feel like a treat from heaven.

So, can you guess what a rainbow theme cake feels like?

It’s magically heaven!

Cakes are mostly associated with birthdays and to lift the merriment of a birthday party, a rainbow birthday cake is magic and the treat needed.

Whether you are about to celebrate a birthday or about to bake a cake for someone’s birthday, we recommend you to have the rainbow cake on the table.

And here are five rainbow injected cake ideas you can rely upon:

1. Floral Rainbow

Irrespective of the age and gender of the birthday person, this floral rainbow birthday cake is a premium delight. With scrumptious and colourful layers inside and topped with colourful whipped cream in flower shapes, this cake is defining the beauty of rainbow and yumminess of cake in a prolific manner. Making flowers with whipped cream requires dexterity and practice.

Floral Rainbow

2. Funfetti Rainbow Tower

VIBGYOR (Violet–Indigo–Blue–Green–Yellow–Orange–Red) is the sequence of hues commonly described as making up a rainbow. And most of the baker used the same colour pattern for a rainbow cake. But, you can use the colours the birthday person likes the most as we have used in this Funfetti Rainbow Tower Cake. The cake is covered in whipped white cream and topped with sprinkles. We added the word TOWER in its name because it is a bit taller than a normal cake.

Funfetti Rainbow Tower

3. Rainbow & Clouds

Perfecto! This cake not only copies the colours of the rainbow but also mimics the scenic view of a rainbow shining from the clouds in the sky. From inside to outside, this cake is all RAINBOW. The cake is covered with whipped cream in different colours from the side and sky-blue colour on the top. Clouds on the tops are made using white cream, and standing rainbow is the work of a fondant.

Rainbow & Clouds

4. Seven Hues Rainbow Cake

This one is the cutest happy birthday rainbow cake of all five. If you present this cake to the birthday person, then he/she will surely feel your cute love. The cake holds seven layers of the hues of rainbow and layers are covered with whipped cream. Colourful sprinkles on the sides make it eye-catchy and mounds of whipped cream on top inject cuteness in it.

Seven Hues Rainbow Cake

5. Rainbow Surprise

You can also call it a naked rainbow cake. Like all the rainbow cakes, this one also has seven layers of batter in different colours, but the difference is that the cake is not covered from the sides and hence it is naked. This rainbow theme cake is topped with colourful gems which are only giving it more ’RAINBOW’ look.

Rainbow Surprise

Make Your And Your Dear One’s Birthday As Fun As Rainbow With A Rainbow Birthday Cake!