12 Birthday Gifts Ideas for Teenage Girl As Per Her Zodiac

Seeking the appropriate answer to the question of what to gift our loved ones on their birthday has been quite a task, and no one happens to know the exact answer to this question. The struggle is really hard to find the best ever birthday gifts for our loved ones! Why best ever? Because when it comes to pampering our loved ones we would not think of compromising anything less than being the best-ever. If you are looking to find some perfect birthday gift for your girl as per her personality, stars and astrology, then this is the ultimate birthday gifts for teenage girl guide. For some of the best birthday gifts for teenage girl that are keepsakes to some other thoughtful birthday gifts for girls, we have listed below some fine gift options for you to consider. Take cues and start your hunt

Birthday Gifts Ideas for Teenage Girl


Aries are the people born between March 20 to April 19. As they are quite career oriented ambitious individuals, some practical gifts which would come to their usage would absolutely help you earn some thank you’s. One of the best birthday gifts for teens belonging to this zodiac will be something like a coffee machine, travel bag, journal, etc.

Birthday Gifts for Aries Girl


Quite opposite to the viewpoint of your Aries girl, a Taurus girl would love everything which looks like a pretty gift. They won’t care to look for the utility purpose and rather fall for something which is trendy, cool or which has got a posh appeal. For Taureans, birthday gift ideas for teens would include a colourful or pretty cashmere sweater or some chic handbag or a pretty personalised passport cover.

Birthday Gifts for Taurus Girl


The sweetest of all Zodiacs are not at all easy to shop for their diverse interests. But they are the ones who love to learn about concepts of spirituality, etc. Hence you can pamper them with some spiritual or motivational books. Other than this, a gift card of some reputed brand or zodiac T-shirt or other accessories can also make an excellent birthday gift for teenage daughter.

Birthday Gifts for Gemini Girl


Cancerians don’t like to get pampered with the same old regular kind of gifts. Period! Hence you need to go an extra mile with your gifting thought to figure out what to pamper them with. You can opt for some personalised gift or wireless headphones or a cute cuddly cushion as a decor item, he/she will absolutely love your thoughtfulness.

Birthday Gifts for  Cancer Girl


Leos are quite particular with what they would like to get pampered with. As they are the ones you like to keep up with their work goals and daily routines, you can think of gifting something fitness oriented. If not then something having a style quotient attached to it, for instance a makeup kit or a cool piece of apparel even works for them.

Birthday Gifts for Leo Girl


Anything and mostly everything coming as a gift would be enough to please the Virgos. They are the easiest signs to please when it comes to gifting. You can pamper them with a grooming or skincare kit, a fitness watch, a healthy plant or just a bottle of perfume and they will be absolutely delightful.

Birthday Gifts for Virgo Girl


Libras have a fundamental idea of having happy homes and families, so much that it has etched this thought to their likings when it comes to gifting. So, a photo frame having a beautiful family picture on it or a new wine rack or a piece of furniture/chair seems like a great gift idea to them.

Birthday Gifts for Libra Girl


Socialising or communicating with people is a constant urge of all the Scorpions and so those gifts which exuberates their coolness in front of their folks seems like a much-appreciated gift to them. Maybe a cool pair of sunglasses or a Scorpio Zodiac sign necklace or a cool mobile cover/ pop socket will be loved by all the Scorpios.

Birthday Gifts for Scorpio Girl


Seeking to have fun, adventurous times, Sagittarius loves to live their lives in the fullest potential, without fearing anything - ‘Coz, for them you only live once! Something like snow or swimming goggles or padded winter jackets or an infused bottle would make a great choice for birthday gift options.

Birthday Gifts for Sagittarius Girl


They are carefree but they even like to be practical, at times, which is what makes them a fun zodiac with a dash of practical sense in them. So, you can think of pampering them with a designer bag or an eyeshadow palette or some cool pair of earrings.

Birthday Gifts for Capricorn Girl


The water sign is what makes this zodiac sign - a cool one. Hence mostly anything works for them which will help them to rejuvenate like an incense stick stand or some scented candles or yoga mat or hairdryer or some favourite novel of theirs.

Birthday Gifts for Aquarius Girl


It’s time for some new friendships and strengthening the old ones for your Piscean friend. So, something like a cutesy pyjama suit set or a polaroid camera or board games will excite them and will exuberate their happiness.

Birthday Gifts for Pisces Girl

So, these 12 birthday gift ideas for teenage girl. If you gotta teenage girl, you then betcha pamper her with any of these as matching to that with her zodiac. She will be thrilled!