10 Anniversary Flowers For 10 Wedding Anniversaries

Anniversary is a special moment for the couple as they celebrate a milestone of togetherness. Every wedding anniversary calls for the party, celebration, friends, relatives, and a lot of fun. And if you are invited to a wedding anniversary, then you must bring with yourself a lovely gift for the couple. Among many heart-winning gifts, an anniversary flowers gift is something that adores the bloom of love in the couple’s life.

10 Anniversary Flowers

If you want to present flowers to the couple on their wedding anniversary day, you can pick up from the variety of arrangements of anniversary flowers from both online and local florists. One thing that you need to keep in mind before picking up the flower gift is which wedding anniversary the couple is celebrating; like the 1st wedding anniversary or 50th wedding anniversary.

That’s because different flowers have different meanings and hence you should pick up the anniversary special bouquet of the flower corresponding to the anniversary.

Confused? Read below, and you will get the point!

Carnation - 1st Anniversary Flower

Carnations represent young and passionate Love and the first year of marriage is all about Love. So, Carnations are the flowers for someone celebrating their first wedding anniversary.

Carnation Flower For Anniversary

Cosmos - 2nd Anniversary Flower

Even in the second year of marriage, Love remains on the solid side, but the couple starts understanding each other much better. Cosmos depicts the beauty of a relationship.

2nd Anniversary Flowers

Sunflower - 3rd Anniversary Flower

Till the completion of the third year of marriage, a couple develops a strong foundation and beat-the-heat of problems together for a happy time ahead; just like the sunflower!

3rd Anniversary Flower

Geranium - 4th Anniversary Flower

By the end of four years of marriage, husband and wife become best friends and find happiness in each other’s companionship. A basket of Geranium is the anniversary flowers gift you can take with yourself for a couple celebrating their fourth anniversary.

4th Anniversary Flower

Daisy - 5th Anniversary Flower

Daisy represents innocence and purity. Husband and wife who have completed five years of marriage, understand that their relationship can last a lifetime only if it remains pure. Hence, Daisies are the best flowers for the 5th anniversary.

5th Anniversary Flower

Daffodil - 10th Anniversary Flower

A marriage can have some loopholes and misunderstanding between the husband and wife after 10 years. Presenting an anniversary special bouquet of Daffodils to the couple on their 10th wedding anniversary is good as Daffodil represents rebirth and new beginnings.

10th Anniversary Flower

Pink Rose - 15th Anniversary Flower

A couple can’t make it to fifteen long years of togetherness without being thankful to each other for sacrifices and support. Pink roses represent gratitude and hence are ideal as 15th-anniversary gift flowers.

15th Anniversary Flower

Aster - 20th Anniversary Flower

To sail twenty years of life together, husband and wife must have Love and wisdom. Aster, the flower named after Greek Goddess, is the one you should pick while attending a 20th wedding anniversary party.

20th Anniversary Flower

White Lily - 25th Anniversary Flower

Commitment and purity are words that a couple holds along with Love to hit the quarter-century of married life together. And thus, White lilies are the best flowers for anniversary celebrations.

25th Anniversary Flower

Buttercup - 50th Anniversary Flower

Fifty years of marriage, the silver jubilee is something extraordinary. As the couple gets old till their 50th wedding anniversary, the arrangement of Buttercups makes the best anniversary flowers gift as Buttercups represents ‘elope with me’ and childishness.

50th Anniversary Flower

“Flowers are Love, and Anniversaries are all about celebrating the bloom of Love.”