10 Aww-Inspiring Rakhi Surprises For A Married Sister

Surprises have always been a special part of siblinghood. Those notorious pranks, mischievous tricks have always left every sibling awestruck. But, now with the growing distance between them, one might think these are unachievable and are invaluable. However, these continue to hold a special place in the heart of a married sister, who shows up every year at the special day of Raksha Bandhan to celebrate the bond she shares with her brother. And while the times may have changed, her desire to be left surprised still continues. Of course, you can still play pranks on her, but there are certain surprising elements that can drop a bombshell at the auspicious occasion of Rakhi. So, if you wish to make her day memorable, Keep scrolling!

Brother Shows Gratefulness to His Sister

Being surprised causes sibling to physically freeze for 1/25th of a second. And with following Rakhi gifts for married sister, here’s your chance to make your married sister feel awfully amazed!

1. Give Her a Taste Of Childhood Memories

Childhood has always been fun with her. Let her know how she triggers the little prankster in you.

2. Resurrect Your Dance Routine From High School.

Every sibling shares a secret routine. You can relive those with her and cherish the old times again.

3. Give Your Sister An Outfit Of The Year

Marriage may have made her busy and more Desi. Revamp her wardrobe with a dress she hasn’t worn since ages.

4. Take Her To a Spa Session Or What You Call, a Chat Session!

Pour your heart out and gel-up like you both used to.

5. Unravel Childhood Mysteries!

Unsolved riddles, mind-blogging puzzles have been an essential part of childhood. Seek an answer for one of those and remind her of the great old times.

6. Get Rid Of Her Lame Excuses And Gift Her a Luxury Body And Hair Care Hamper!

No matter how many times she denies, it’s true that she hasn’t been grooming herself well. Spoil her this Rakhi with luxurious grooming hampers.

7. Take Her On a Holiday And Leave Her Awestruck

Take that long pending trip and chill, like you guys always imagined.

8. Plan a Game Night!

Take a break from all the dolls and video games and let some real action games step in!

9. Promise To Keep All Your Promises

No matter how many people have come into your lives, promise her you will always be there for her. Always!

10. Let Her Know No Matter How Far Away She Is, She Still Matters To You!

There’s no better gift that the gift of a hug. Don’t forget to hug her and let her know how much you miss her.

No matter which Raksha Bandhan surprise you pick, make sure you let her know that the distance will never be a magnitude to measure your love for her!