5 Unique And Heart Touching WhatsApp Messages For Celebrating Friendship Day

FRIENDSHIP is one of the most beautiful relationships that grow stronger years after years with loads of sweet memories to cherish forever. Therefore, to express the most beautiful bond called friendship, we have come up with a page selected funny and heart touching Friendship Day special WhatsApp Messages. It’s time to go through these so that you let your bestie know that how much special he/she is for you on this Friendship Day 2018!

Happy Friendship Day

Friendship Day WhatsApp Messages :

Friendship Day message to depict special bond between friends

No one can define what a friendship is in a perfect manner. It’s a very special bond that remains intact forever. This bond can be built with anyone at any point of time that you cannot predict before. The Friendship Day is the perfect day to celebrate this bond and make it even more stronger than before.

Funny Friendship Day message for your best friend

True! You guys leave no room vacant to insult each other on a daily basis and that too in a funny and unique manner. Well, most of the people make fun of this weird friendship code between you two but honestly’ you guys are sharing a very special and strong bond of friendship that other won’t realize. No matter how far away you both are staying away or how old you have grown up, there’s nothing that feels better other than insulting each other on a regular basis. Appreciate this special bond by sending this message to your bestie and of course, don’t forget to insult him/her in a funny way after that.

Heart-touching Friendship Day message showing  joy and happiness

Yup correct! NO matter how much hot and humid the day and how much tired you are, the moment it rains, you feel like heaven. It makes you feel completely refreshed with a loads of joy and happiness.The bond of friendship is just like the rain of the first summer. It always carries a sense of refreshment and innocent happiness.

Friendship Day message for your heart-broken friend

Yes, you have that friend in your life who tries to console you till the vantage point and if you still keep sobbing, he/she literally starts scolding you with full of energy and only you can hear the subtle tone of love and affection for you in that scolding tone. It could be an opposite scenario also where you have been trying to console and convince your heart-broken friend to move on from the failed relationship but your bestie repeats the same thing over and over again. You really have no option other than taking the “Chappal” in your hand to give him/her a real life lesson.

A funny Friendship day message to disturb your best friend

Whether it’s in the middle of an important meeting in the office or in the middle of a cozy romantic time with your sweetheart, you and your bestie, both have the complete right to disturb each other regardless what time and what situation it is. That’s called a true friendship. This Friendship Day claim this particular right of disturbing your bestie by sending this WhatsApp Message.

With these Friendship Day messages, make sure to give a WhatsApp reminder to your best friends and tell them that you are blessed to have them in your life on this Friendship Day.