Top 35 Types Of Rakhi Of All Time

“Now and then they fought over a loaf of bread, Little did they know their heart was tied by the gentle thread”

A sister spends hours shopping and after a few days of Rakhi hunt selects the perfect Rakhi for her brother. Is finding a perfect Rakhi all about fashion or the thread holds some meaning within its loops? Well, in simpler words, Rakhi is the holy thread that celebrates siblinghood. It can be simple, elegant, designer, precious, or some other type, but its role remains the same, i.e., to keep them together and bless each of them with eternal protection and lifelong prosperity. These are the perfect tokens of forever promise that connect them from the heart to heart. The power it holds cannot be measured, at least, not in this world. Each of the sisters finds a unique 'Bandhan' for her brother, and the brother makes sure to give her a 'Real Raksha' lifelong.

35 Top Rakhis for your Dear Brother

Available in wide varieties, every Rakhi celebrates the bond of love in its own way. Some with their stunning patterns, others with their holy significance. However, by checking out these thirty-five different types of Rakhi, you can delight, dazzle, and surprise your brother by tieing the most beautiful thread on his wrist today!

  • Gemstone Rakhi

    Gemstone Rakhi

    A single gemstone is worth a thousand emotions! It is one of the best types of Rakhi. And, this is wisely conveyed with a gemstone Rakhi that has a single scintillating stone in the middle to embrace the beauty of the one and only brother.

  • American Diamond Rakhi

    American Diamond Rakhi

    Rare and unique, it is a Rakhi of radiance. Sparkling with the beauty of precious stones, an American diamond rakhi can shower a world of brilliance into your brother's life.

  • Silver Rakhi

    Silver Rakhi

    Silver is an auspicious metal of Hindu tradition which is known for its purity and lustrousness. A silver Rakhi is often adorned with Hindu deities to enhance the piousness of the sacred bond.

  • Gold Rakhi

    Gold Rakhi

    The magnificence of the Gold lies in its ornamental beauty and the preciousness it carries along. This Rakhi is highly polished and is heart crafted beautifully in order to solidify your bond. There are different rakhi types available in Gold.

  • Platinum Rakhi

    Platinum Rakhi

    100% corrosion-free, a platinum Rakhi can keep all the evils at bay and can protect the bond of love in the most precious way. It is rare, unique, and can ornate the wrist in a valuable manner.

  • Kundan Rakhi

    Kundan Rakhi

    A baroque design style, Kundan jewellery has colourful glass pieces embedded in Gold. It is exquisite, unique, and can showcase the purity of the siblinghood in a way never imagined before.

  • Bead Rakhi

    Bead Rakhi

    Often in life, it is the little things that make a big difference. And this can be found in a bead Rakhi. Adorned with pretty little embellishments, a bead Rakhi is colourful and spreads vibrancy in its own way.

  • Silk Rakhi

    Silk Rakhi

    These date back to the historic silk routes, and since then, these exclusive threads of smooth texture has been a part of every festivity. A silk thread Rakhi paves a smooth, obstacle-free path for all siblings.

  • Mauli Rakhi

    Mauli Rakhi

    Since forever, Mauli threads have been tied on the wrists as a sacred thread of protection. Known to keep all bad omens away, this thread will keep all the worries at bay.

  • Blue Evil Eye Rakhi

    Blue Evil Eye Rakhi

    Evil Eye has become a part of our daily fashion. However, an evil eye is one magical symbol that can safeguard your brother from everything bad. Types of rakhi design in Blue Evil Eye Rakhi are amazing.

  • Bracelet Rakhi

    Bracelet Rakhi

    A Bracelet Rakhi is a Rakhi made fancy! An innovation, this Rakhi comes with an easy-grip and can lock the two ends in an unbreakable manner.

  • Customized Metal Rakhi

    Customized Metal Rakhi

    A strengthening metal Rakhi is known to keep the siblingship afloat. These are made exclusively with the addition of a fun-filled design.

  • Designer Rakhi

    Designer Rakhi

    You can address this Rakhi as a beauty. Full of prettiest embellishments, this is as beautiful as your siblinghood.

  • Fancy Rakhi

    Fancy Rakhi

    Heart crafted especially for a Bhabi; a fancy Rakhi ties the knot of love in the most precious way. Adorned with pearls, stones, gems, these can prettify the smile of every Bhabi out there!

  • Sandalwood Rakhi

    Sandalwood Rakhi

    The soothing scent of sandalwood can retain the happiness of the siblingship for decades. A sandalwood Rakhi is known to spread success, provide protection forever, and can bless the brother with a world of good luck.

  • Floral Motif Rakhi

    Floral Motif Rakhi

    No one has ever escaped from the aura of flowers. These can make the relation blossom and make every brother and every sister bloom in happiness right away.

  • Ganesh Rakhi

    Ganesh Rakhi

    Shower the special day with desi-ghee ladoos and tie the knot with a Ganesha Rakhi and watch Lord Ganpati fulfil every wish of your brother.

  • Pearl Rakhi

    Pearl Rakhi

    If you wish to surprise your brother with an ocean-full of happiness, pearl Rakhis is the one for you. Full of rarity, these embrace the relation uniquely.

  • Zardosi Rakhi

    Zardosi Rakhi

    These are inspired by the ancient embroideries of India; the timeless beauty celebrates the richness of the siblinghood in a celebratory manner.

  • Rudraksha Rakhi

    Rudraksha Rakhi

    Originated from the teardrops of Lord Shiva, a Rudraksha is a symbol of good luck and when worn along with the auspicious threads can shower a world of blessings into a sibling's life.

  • Swastik Rakhi

    Swastik Rakhi

    Teleported from the world of Vedas, the Swastika is associated with auspiciousness, good luck, prosperity, and can send your Rakhi wishes of well being all the way to your brother.

  • Om Rakhi

    Om Rakhi

    A sacred syllable, Om is the sound of Brahma, a holy symbol, and a pious mantra. Powerful enough to keep the world together; this can bless the bond of siblinghood in a divine manner.

  • Krishna Rakhi

    Krishna Rakhi

    Lord Krishna, a powerful Hindu Deity, is considered auspicious when it comes to Indian festivities. Give the gift of greatest blessing with a Rakhi heart crafted with Lord Krishna.

  • Latkan Rakhi

    Latkan Rakhi

    Another one for your sister-in-law, a Latkan Rakhi is a mini-version of Kalire. This Rakhi is an epitome of love, beauty, and can take the occasion to a whole new level.

  • Mayur Rakhi

    Mayur Rakhi

    Peacocks are beautiful birds that never fail to mesmerize. They spread spirituality and kindness where they go and make people fly high far beyond the rainbows of happiness.

  • Bhaiya Bhabi Rakhi

    Bhaiya Bhabi Rakhi

    A Bhaiya-Bhabi Rakhi is curated in the same theme for both the brother and the sister-in-law. These can be in Zardosi theme or can be crafted in a designer theme.

  • Ben 10 Rakhi

    Ben 10 Rakhi

    A cartoon-themed Rakhi is meant for the little ones. These are adorable, cute, and Make every little brother jump with joy!

  • Doraemon Rakhi

    Doraemon Rakhi

    Doraemon has become an essential part of our lives. With its futuristic gadgets and thoughtful preachings at the end of every episode, this cat has blessed the world with endless smiles.

  • Bheem Rakhi

    Bheem Rakhi

    An epitome of justice and honesty, Chota Bheem again has transformed lives with its powerful preachings that comes along with a kid's innocence. And just like him, your little brother will safeguard you forever.

  • Spiderman Rakhi

    Spiderman Rakhi

    Your brother might not be able to save the world, but he will definitely safeguard you just like Peter Parker.

  • Motu Paltu Rakhi

    Motu Paltu Rakhi

    Every brother and sister are just like the famous duo Motu and Patlu. Notorious, innocent, these can fill the special day with the required fun and laughter.

  • Hanuman Rakhi

    Hanuman Rakhi

    The immortality of the siblingship can be represented by no better idol than Hanuman. A saviour, a keeper, a Hanuman-inspired Rakhi is a divine thread you need to tie today.

  • Minion Rakhi

    Minion Rakhi

    These are Gru-approved Rakhis that are one in a Minion. Full of madness, this perfectly captures the craziness of a siblinghood.

  • Personalized Rakhi

    Personalized Rakhi

    You might have never thought of it, but with a photo Rakhi you can frame your brother in a world of happiness. With a personalized Rakhi, you can tie the happiest memory on his wrist and make him cherish the bond like never before.

  •  Rakhi Card

    Rakhi Card

    A new way to celebrate siblinghood is to send your Rakhi that comes along with a card. Pictorially depicted, each Rakhi card is full of sentiments that every sibling has ever shared.

Now that you are aware of all the types of Rakhi and different types of rakhi design, you can select or send Rakhi online and rejoice siblinghood right away.