August Birth Flowers - Gladiolus And Poppy

Birthdays are a reminder that life is beautiful and hence, one should celebrate it always. And, a birthday becomes more memorable for the birthday person when you gift him or her the right birthday present. So, do you know, what's the right birthday gift for the August-born people? It’s the August birth flowers-The Gladiolus and the Poppy. Yes, the people born in August are blessed with two-birth flowers which have their own unique significance.

August Born Flowers - Gladiolus And Poppy

So, if you have someone special’s birthday coming up in August and want to shower him or her with the best birthday gift, make the best choice with the Gladiolus and the Poppy. But before that, know here what the August flowers symbolize:



The first August birth flower is the tall and colorful Gladiolus. Also, known as ‘Sword Lily’, these summer flowers have sharp-pointed leaves. These are trumpet-shaped flowers which can grow up to five feet tall and are available in a rainbow of colors including red, yellow, white, purple, and pink.

Meaning And Symbolism

Gladiolus flowers are associated with the gladiators from the Ancient Rome and that’s why these flowers traditionally symbolize strength and honor. But, when these flowers are offered as a gift, these symbolize love at first sight. However, different colors of Gladiolus flowers convey different meanings.

Interesting Facts About Gladiolus

  • The ancient name for the Gladiolus flower was Xiphium coined down from the Greek word Xiphos, which means a sword.
  • The British and Mediterranean Gladiolus plants were earlier used for medicinal purposes. For instance, the plant’s corms or stem base were used as a bandage and to extract thorns.
  • Some parts of the Gladiolus plants are poisonous and may also cause allergic reactions or skin irritations.
  • The English used to mix the Gladiolus plant’s stem base with goad’s milk to soothe the symptoms of colic.


The second August birth flower is the bright and bold Poppy flowers which are globally used for landscaping. These beautiful flowers come in three colors-white, red, and yellow. While poppy flowers are grown for their edible seeds and are used for medicinal purpose, know what these actually symbolize here.

Meaning And Symbolism

Traditionally, the red poppy flowers are considered as a symbol of remembrance. In Ancient times, the Greeks and Romans used to offer poppy flowers to the newly dead and wish them to rest in peace. In Japan and China, red poppy means a passionate love between a couple. However, different colors of poppy possess different meanings. For instance, the white poppy represents consolation, red poppy represents happiness, and yellow poppy represents prosperity.

Interesting Facts About Poppy

  • The Minoans, a civilization based around Crete are known to have cultivated poppies even before 2700 BCE.
  • The Poppy flowers grew in many fields of the Flanders and Belgium where battles took place. The red poppies symbolize the blood spilled during the war.
  • During the World War One, the poppies disappeared because of the bombing of the battlefields and the destruction caused during the War prevented poppies growing for four full seasons.
  • The culinary poppy seeds are a rich source of minerals, calcium, and iron which are derived mainly from the opium poppy.