Make Home a Better Place with these 10 Best Plant Housewarming Gifts

With the ability to make an abode a welcoming place to be in, the capability to create an aura of freshness within the home, and the potential to spread joy, plants as housewarming gifts are perfect.

Housewarming Gifting Plants Ever

From air-purifying to exotic bonsais to Feng shui to fragrant, here’s our list of favourites that will bring years of goodness and smiles.

1. Orchids

With well-defined and luscious blossoms and slender green stems, the orchid plant will bring to any home splendour and beauty. And the easy-care tips make it the favourites of the ones born without the green fingers and those living a hectic life. Hence, one of the best plants to gift for housewarming.

Orchid Plants

2. Peace Lily

Peace Lily Plant lives up to its name. Flourished with glossy foliage in abundance and white spherical shaped flowers, this plant blesses mankind with freshness and harmony. Thus, makes it one of the best housewarming plant for someone for their new house as a promise of happiness and health forever.

Peace Lily Plants

3. Succulents

Low-maintenance, tough, lush, and beautiful are the defining characteristics of the succulents. Available in hues of greens and stunning textures, they will bring to any home a touch of green charm, which makes this the best plant for housewarming gift.

Succulents Plants

4. Bonsai-Tree

A miniature tree cultivated creatively and beautifully promises to notch up the magnificence quotient of the home. And in Japanese tradition, Bonsai’s are known to bring peace, luck, and harmony, which certainly defines why it is the best plant to give as a housewarming gift.


5. Bamboo Plant

Lucky Bamboo plants are always a favourable choice for housewarming gifts because of their high ornamental value, easy-care requirements, and Feng Shui importance. Three stalks of the bamboo plant represent wealth, happiness, and luck, two stalks is for love, and does every stalk of this plant has a significance.

Bamboo Plant

6. Money Plant

In the list of good housewarming plants, one dare not miss the green symbol of fortune-- the money plant. This lush green plant is popularly grown as a houseplant because it attracts prosperity to the home.

Money Plant

7. Snake Plant

Wouldn’t you want your loved ones to breathe fresh air and their home to be a place where they live and play healthily? Well, of course! Therefore, choose the snake plant as housewarming plant gift for your loved ones.

Snake Plant

8. Tulsi

Extend your auspicious and heartwarming wishes to someone for their new house over the holy Basil plant (Tulsi). Growing tulsi within the vicinity of the home is considered to be propitious for the owner, and receiving this plant as housewarming gift will make the recipient overjoyed.

Tulsi Plants

9. Palms

Palms are known to be the idyllic housewarming gifts because they are easy to care for, alluring to look at, and are available in varieties. Having them indoors is an assurance of peaceful aura, viridescent surroundings, and tropical appeal.

Palms Plants

10. Jasmine

This is the best plant for housewarming gifts because of its sense-stimulating fragrant flowers and emerald green leaves that will surely turn the home into a paradise of living.

Jasmine Plants

With the season of SMOG in full swing, gifting a plant seems to be a propitious choice. Moreover, plants come with a commitment to make every home heaven of living.