Foliage Plants For Much More Than Beauty & Grandeur

While flowering plants allure the eyes and beautify the landscape like anything. It’s the green foliage plants with emerald green leaves that complement the sheer beauty of flowers. And how can you forget they are the natural air filter. Yess!

9 Foliage Plants for Much More Than Beauty & Grandeur

Now, we are sure that you are inquisitive to know the examples of best foliage plants. Breath of fresh air is the need of the hour. Don’t you agree?

1. Money Plant

Money plant is a harbinger of good fortune as well as one of the foliage plants. Therefore, nurturing money plant indoors seems to be an appropriate choice for revelling in the glory of nature’s goodness and financial fortune.

Money Plant

2. Philodendron

If there is a plant that justifies the condition of being a natural charmer, and a lush verdant plant, it’s Philodendron. An easy-to-grow plant that flourishes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours, having this around is an assurance of happiness.


3. Lavender

If you want to add to your landscape a touch of silver, then silver foliage plants are a treat to watch. We would recommend going for lavender because even without it’s indigo blooms, it is a beauty to behold. In colder climates, the delicate lavender flowers vanish.


4. Syngonium

If you wish to reap the benefits of purified, favourable, and beautiful living space, make space for Syngonium plant in your home. It is an air-purifying plant and has Feng Shui symbolism that regulates the flow of energy in your home.


5. Aralia Plant

From the family of Araliaceae comes the striking and multi-stemmed plant of Aralia. There are a lot of varieties of Aralia plant such as deciduous, evergreen shrubs, and indoor plants. The slender stems and foliage droops make this an exotic species, worth having them around.

Aralia Plant

6. Caladium

If you want to notch up the beauty of your green buddies, bring red foliage plants home. From a long list, our pick is Caladium from the family of Araceae having a tropical, foliage, and arrow-head shaped red leaves. They are greatly valued for their ornamental value.


7. Persian Shield

This plant nourishes purple leaves. This is one of the purple foliage plants known for its artistic touch and perennial growth. This plant species is a member of the Acanthaceae family.

Persian Shield

8. Ficus Tree

The Ficus family include members of rubber plant (Ficus elastica), weeping fig (Ficus Benjamina), fiddle-leaf fig (Ficus Lyrata). Ficus trees are known to have woody stems and spreading canopy leaf structure.

Ficus Tree

9. Palm Plants

For embracing a tropical and peaceful feeling, no plant can do it better than palm plants. From Chinese palm to Majestic palm to ponytail palm to many more species, they grant your home a breezy aura and tropical appeal.

Palm Plants

More for a cleansing aura, green experience, and tropical landscape, make foliage plants a part of your home and life.

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