12 Benefits of Money Plant

When it comes to our homes, we try everything to make it beautiful and revive the maximum positive energy in every corner of the house. We all love greenery and try to furnish the open spaces of our front yards and backyards with fresh plants. Plants are loved because of the uncountable benefits they shower on us but also the rejuvenating aura they create. Money plants are both indoor and outdoor plants that according to Vastu and Feng Shui, kept anywhere will fill the house with prosperity and wealth. A money plant is one of the most common household plants. You can easily spot it indoors in houses, offices, cafes, shops, on your balcony or in a hanging basket gracious the people at that place. Money plants are also commonly known as Golden Pothos, Devils Ivy, Devils Vine, etc. It is the only plant in its species which does not flower. But do you know that money plants health benefits are endless?

Benefits of Money Plant

From filtering air and increasing oxygen inflow to reducing anxiety and stress, from showering good wealth to improving sleeping disorders, they do everything. Money plants' benefits are actually endless and might take a whole day if explained in detail. Let’s have a look at all the top benefits of keeping money plants at home:

Purifies Air

It is said that the Money plant bears the maximum benefits when it is grown inside the house, rather than outside the house. A money plant can be potted in a small pot, a glass jar or even a hanging vase. Money plants are ideal for removing airborne pollutants from indoor air such as Benzene, Formaldehyde, Carbon Monoxide, and Xylene. So that way it works as a natural air purifier that helps in improving your health thereby providing you with the blessing of fresh air and good health. It’s good to furnish your homes, cafes, and office spaces with lots of money plants as the advantages money plants have for you, are infinite.

Purifies Air

Acts as an Anti Radiator

You’ll be glad to know that money plant is a succulent and acts as an anti radiator inside your homes and office spaces emitted by computers, laptops, and mobile phones. Money plants help in reducing stress at work and helps in protecting your eyes when you have to constantly glare at your computer screens for work. This leads to a happy and more productive environment as the employee sickness rate reduces a lot. Also at home, it cuts away the harmful radiations from electronic devices thereby protecting your family members.

Acts as an Anti Radiator

Keeps Marital Problems at Bay

According to Vastu and feng shui, money plants should be kept indoors in the south-east direction of the living room or hall. It is said that the Southeast direction owner is Lord Ganesha and the planet that rules is Venus. So it helps in maintaining peace and a healthy environment at home thus keeping your marriage tensions and problems away and providing a positive environment. It also helps in removing bad luck from the owners of the house thus giving you good fortune and wealth.

Keeps Marital problems at Bay

Medicinal Benefits

There are many money plant medicinal uses that are still not known to people. Feng Shui experts recommend keeping one plant near the WiFi router can avoid children at home falling sick and elder people getting heartaches. One of the biggest benefits of a money plant is that it can keep your mind calm and release your stress. It can reduce your anxiety and sleeping disorders also, it brings a healthy lifestyle. So, place a money plant in your bedroom or a living room to avoid any mental illness.

Medicinal Benefits

Brings Prosperity and Good Wealth

As the name suggests; money plants are renowned to bring wealth and abundance to the house. Money Plant has always been considered the epitome of good luck. It is said that keeping money plants at home can help to attain great heights in both personal and professional spheres of life. Money Plant is also believed to bring long-lasting friendship, due to its heart-shaped leaves. But make sure to never place the money plant in the North-East direction as it is not considered a good place to keep your money plant which can result in financial loss and also harms your relationship.

Brings Prosperity and Good Wealth

Lessening of Stress & Anxiety

Money plants according to feng shui enhance the positivity of the environment they are put in. That is the reason why having a money plant around the house is simply rejuvenating. No matter how much stress you are under, the sight of a money plant does magical things to your mind. You are able to think clearly and have a steady and composed approach hence fourth.

Holistic Health Benefits

A money plant is known for the positive influence that it has on its surroundings. Thus keeping this plant indoors, near a WiFi router has major positive effects on the body. As the plant brings freshness to the house and purifies the air, these plants help family members strengthen their holistic health.

Strained Relationships Mended

As mentioned, money plants are the peace bringer of the environment. When they are placed at a certain area, according to Feng shui, these plants generate positivity. Their positivity influences everything and everyone around them. That is the reason why indoor plants like money plants help create an environment of peace, comfort and understanding, that enables people to feel heard and respected. This further helps in opening the barriers of communication and channel positivity. Broken relationships are thus mended.

Spreads Positive Vibes

A money plant brings peace and calm to your home. That is what makes it a magical indoor plant that has the power to resolve every issue, further spreading positivity and goodness everywhere.

Helps in keeping Aquarium Water Clean

If you start to grow your indoor money plants in aquariums then it will be beneficial to aquatic life. Money plants make the water free from nitrates. These plants help to clear the nitrates from the water that are harmful to fishes & other aquatic animals.

Neutralising ‘Sick Building Syndrome’

The money plant has an admirable power to neutralise symptoms of ‘Sick Building Syndrome'. These adorable indoor plants do so by absorbing the negativity from its surroundings and enhancing the positivity.

Adds a Special Touch to Decor

Money plants have an aesthetic appeal to them. That is what makes them such a great home decoration piece. These plants are the cheapest and most convenient home decor pieces. The green and yellow combination of leaves look great as wall accents. The freshness of these supple leaves give you the feeling of being very close to nature.

So these were the top 5 benefits of Money Plants that everyone should know. Also keep a small money plant in your home, at your workspace, or in your business place as it will thrive you with good health and fortune.

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