Gorgeously Amazing Valentine's Day Craft Ideas

Valentine's is a happy time, and we all see every second person, displaying their loved ones, in one or another manner. And the time we are living in, the aesthetic of any gifting is a personalised touch to it, to make it more memorable and priceless for the receiver. We know, you might be searching for a Valentine gift which can define your love, just perfectly. So hop in, take out your crafting hats and put them on, as here we provide you Valentine Day craft ideas, that will blow anyone's mind in an eye-blink.

Valentine Crafting Ideas

1. Clay Tray

Well, this might sound cliche but believe us, it is not. Making your clay tray with the initials of the receiver or important date you both share would be something, cherished for life.

Clay Tray

What Do You Need?

All you need for this to happen is a pack of air-drying moulding clay, a roller, a flat surface, some different sized big bowls, a scrubber, and some colours.

How To Make?

Well, firstly take your clay and knead it till the time it is in control of your hands and the shape you want to give it. After that, take part out of this clay and start rolling it on a plain surface (table) with the roller. Keep the thickness fair enough and then cut out this clay in any design you want, and with the help of a toothpick, write the name or initials on this clay and then keep it upside down on and place this flat clay on it. Keep this aside for another 48 hours and when completely dry, smoothen the edges with a scrubber. Paint it in the colour you want or maybe outline it with metallic gold or silver, and your gift is ready to be given.

2. Cement Candle Holder

Another must try and could be a perfect Valentine Day gifts for husband would be this one. Another personalised and easy to make candle holder, in any colour or design you want.

Candle Holder

What Do You Need?

You require grey cement, water, disposable paper cups, stirrer, pebbles, scrubber, and paint.

How To Make?

Take a cup and fill one-fourth of the cup with cement. Now add some water and stir it, until you get a paste between thick and thin. Now, fill up another cup with pebbles and place it inside the cup, which is filled with cement liquid. Keep this aside for another 48 hours and let it dry. After it has dried completely, tear out both the paper cups and your glass like candle stand would be ready. Just smoothen the edges if needed, paint it in any colour and keep a tea light candle in it. Ready to gift and to light up your love relationship.

3. Zodiac Clock

Another enticing and one of the trending Valentine Day crafts is this. Every second passed on this clock would remind the receiver of your efforts in making this, for them.


What Do You Need?

A Zodiac Constellation printout in A3 size (preferable), thick chart paper, glue, white marker, clock machine, battery cells, and a rope.

How To Make?

As per the zodiac of your loved one, take out a printout on A3 size sheet, either in circular or square shape. Now cut out the extra paper and stick this printout on cardboard or thick chart paper. Using the white marker, write a love quote or maybe numbers on the setup. Now, start placing the clock machinery marking the centre of this printout. To hang it on the wall, stick rope in the backside of this clock. Voila, your lovely clock is all ready to present.

4. Photo Hanger

Pictures are the best thing to look upon when that loved one is not near. And this hanger photo keepsake is an alluring thing to gift anyone and not just your soulmate.

Photo Hanger

What Do You Need?

You'll need a regular cloth hanger or a wooden hanger, ribbons, paper clips, polaroid size pictures, glue, paint.

How To Make?

Paint the hanger if you want and start pasting the ribbons in whatever size you want. After this, go ahead and clip the pictures randomly, with the help of paper clips. To make the paper clips Valentine’s worthy, cut out hearts of any red paper or maybe from a newspaper (gives a vintage look), and paste it to the clips. Tada… you have accomplished another one of Valentine Day gifts ideas in a click.

So, these were some fun and easy Valentine's Day gift making ideas; you should try out this Valentine's Day.