Hug Day: 2020 Deliveries

I Love You is the universal expression of love. But, a hug could convey love is something we witnessed yesterday. All thanks to the couples in love! You made us realize that a warm hug speaks volume of love and care.

Hug Day 2020

⦁ A hug means I care for you

⦁ A hug symbolizes love

⦁ A hug depicts warmth

⦁ A hug is a way to say I am there

It was yesterday that we realized why it’s called the “Jaadu-Ki-Jhappi” because we witnessed 5.2 million hugs being embraced. That very moment was overwhelming for us at FlowerAura. It was magical seeing lovebirds professing their love to their special one in such a thoughtful and affectionate manner. We were smiling because of you all! You assured us that love is a beautiful feeling. Indeed.

We were on cloud nine to hear positive responses from love birds across India that our plush soft toys, personalised cushions, and other love stuffed tokens helped them convey their feelings in the best worthy manner. Well, we are glad that we could be of help to you. Year after year, we make conscious efforts to bring to our customers’ tokens for Hug Day that could help them convey feelings that they find difficult to put into words.

May all the lovers find solace and love in the arms of their special ones. May the arms you love never stop to embrace you. For this hug day and every hug day, this is our wish for the sweethearts. And we wish all the singles out there get a reason to order our warmth filled tokens, next hug day.

For now, A Big Hug from FlowerAura family to all the lovebugs, you are our family!