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You must be surely excited to know specialty of 14th Feb, every year. Valentine’s day is that time of the year when finding ‘True Love’ is apparently not an impossible task. On this day, people express their feelings of love to their lovers. This day is rather a custom that is celebrated in many ways across the world on 14th February each year. On of the popular way of celebrating Valentine’s day is sending greetings cards to lovers. About 1 billion of cards are exchanged between lovers every year on Valentine’s day.

  1. The origin of Valentine’s day celebration dates back to 3rd century Rome. Although there are many stories behind the birth of Valentine’s day but according to the most popular beliefs this day is celebrated all in the name of Saint Valentine.
  2. He was a priest from Rome who lived during the reign of Emperor Claudius II in the third century AD. It is said that Emperor Claudius II had banned marriages of Roman men for he believed married men to be weak during wartime.
  3. St. Valentine began to arrange marriages of all the lovers secretly where he performed all the rituals for the couples. When emperor Claudius II learned about this plight, he executed St. Valentine along with two other men.
  4. When St. Valentine was thrown into jail before his execution, he fell in love there with the Jailer’s daughter. Thus, when he was taken to be killed on 14th February, he wrote a letter to the Jailer’s daughter that quoted 'From Your Valentine'.
  5. Since then the custom of sending anonymous cards or love letters to lovers have become the most prominent way of celebrating Valentine’s day.
  6. In fact, each year on Valentine’s day, the city of Verona, where Shakespeare’s lovebirds Romeo and Juliet lived, receives more than a thousand letters addressed to the beautiful Juliet.
  7. However, nowadays, people send gifts, chocolates, flowers to their lovers on Valentine’s day to express their affection.

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Today, Valentine's Day is celebrated globally. People across the world, celebrate this day of love by expressing love and appreciation for the people they love and adore. Romantic dates, marriage proposals and love-filled holidays are common features of this special day. For many, gifting a card, a box of chocolates, a piece of jewellery, or gifting roses, is synonymous to Valentine's Day. Everyone tries to make it a memorable occasion for the ones they love.

With the Valentine week round the corner, it will not be inappropriate to say that love is in the air. There are shops and malls and hearts of the people, which are embellished with loving thoughts. So this Valentine doesn’t just let your heart be limited to the feeling of love, for the one who resides there. In fact, pick up some nice gift from FlowerAura's collection of best Valentine gifts for 2018 and express the love which you feel for that someone special, from the bottom of your heart. We have an entire range of Valentines gifts for lovers. If you are looking for a Valentines Day gift for her then we have some meaningful gifts that your girlfriend or wife will treasure for the entire lifetime. Some of the amazing gifts for her that you can pick from our website are aromatic rose soap set, skin care goodies, cosmetics, flowers, teddy bears, good luck charm and many more. In short, our online gift portal contains all types of gifts that can create magic on your Valentine week. For example, we also have a huge collection of gifts for Rose day, Hug day , Chocolate day, and Kiss day too because celebrating every day will infuse more love and affection into your relationship.

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It is really a beautiful feeling to fall in love. In fact, the true essence of love is experienced when you gift him or her something exquisite which is associated with the truest of your feelings. Do not just say those three magical words; in fact add meaning to it with Valentine day gifts within India, which is the epitome of love and romance. You must have been really busy with your office and household assignments. However, just like to stay healthy you need food and water, your heart too needs to hear “I love you” time and again to sprinkle your life with happiness and enjoyment. If you have that someone special in your life, which is the reason you breathe, want to come home early or reach out to workplace in time the Valentine week offers the perfect opportunity to express what lies in your heart and soul. With your super busy schedule, choosing one special Valentine gifts for husband can be a tedious.

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Have a beautiful and memorable Valentine day!

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